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Tourist Tax in Venice: A Good idea.

Recently in the news it has been discussed that Venice is considering introducing a tourist tax. Venice is considering charging it 20-million-a-year visitors that are without hotel reservations an ecopass to cross the waters into Venice.

I am sure that some people may bark at the idea of yet another fee to pay during their holiday, but I think the tourist tax is a good idea. Venice is sinking. If something is not done, experts predict that Venice could become a modern day Atlantis and be below sea levels within 100 or so years. With 20 million visitors a year a 5 or 10 euro fee could bring in a lot of cash flow to improve the city and slow and/or stop it from sinking. That’s 10,000,000€ to 20,000,000€ a year towards improvements.

Will introducing the tourist tax deter visitors? No I don’t think so. Venice is a unique city that has a lot to offer. Visitors already accept the other fees beautiful Venice charges them from making them buy off of tourist menus, “sitting fees” at restaurants near the Grand Canal, and tourist price at attractions. What an extra few more euros?

Perhaps my love for Venice (if you are new to Travels Along The Way, you may want to look through the site to grasp my love), but I still come even if they were charging a 100€ a day.

What do you think? Is the Tourist Tax a good idea?

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