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Rickshaw Ride Through Jaipur, India

So I suck when it comes to updating about my trip to India last year. I promise it was great, really I swear. So here’s a video of a rickshaw ride I took through Jaipur on our way to dinner at a local restaurant.

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The Importance of fare watching.

You have got to be #)@&*@& kidding me! I screamed this morning.

For weeks now, airfare to Beijing from Toronto have been kicking around the $1110-$1200 mark. Well that was until Sunday when I noticed the fares had jumped to $1380+. Pooping my pants that the boyfriend and I would be paying out our noses for our trip in the new year I went searching through my sources trying to see if I can find any lower fares. While we’re not planning to buy our tickets until the end of this week, I wanted to keep my eye on the fares.

Through United I had found the cheapest available fare that day – $1153/person. Well it’s the best I could find. It wasn’t too much more than what we had originally figure we would pay. Concern that the fares may keep rising we took advantage of United’s farelock program. For a (steep) fee they allow you lock your fare and seats for 72 hours ($9.99/ticket) or 7 days for (19.99/ticket). Granted we now leave at 6:30am and have 2 change of plans before we fly to Beijing, but at least we wont miss our connecting flight in Zhengzhou or paying too much.

But what if the price  goes down again?

If it goes down again, which on Sunday night a few minutes before midnight I was seriously doubting, we can release the tickets and purchases the new ones. At least we know we wont be paying any more than that…

Well, we defiantly wont be paying any more than that seeing how the fares dropped from $1380 to $997 per person including tax. I haven’t seen such low fares for this route since April. I quickly called United to try and secure the new fare  hoping that they wont make me pay yet another farelock fee since I still wont be buying until Friday.

Unfortunately, I had to repurchase farelock on the new tickets to reserve it at that fare.  It still works out to be much cheaper than had we kept the old fare or accepted the even higher fares. We also now have our original flight with only one stop.

It is important to keep an eye on airfare. They fluctuate drastically higher and lower in minutes. To get the best fare, you need to keep looking and when you find a fare that legit and amazing you got to jump on it. Don’t look at just one site. Look at them all, pit them against each other. While United offered the fare at $997, until a few mins again Expedia, and Kayak were still trying to sell them at the old price and Flight Center is offering it at $1151.

Need help planning your up coming trip? Let me help 

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What Bitches Wear At The Airport – Jenna Marbles


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Travel for sad reasons.

I traveled back home to Montreal yesterday. Unfortunately it’s not for a happy occasion. You see my grandfather died Monday night suddenly after having a stroke last month. As much as I love to travel, I hate when its for reason like this.

What makes me even sadder now that he’s gone, I realized how baby I didn’t keep my promised. I promised, when my grandmother died in 2008 that I would come home more often to visit him. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I am in search of new and exciting places to visit I forgot to visit the place I came from. In the 4 years since I made that promise, do you know how many times I made it home? Once.

So advice for the day, when in search of new shores remember to visit familiar shores every now and then.

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Donate your Aeroplan Miles and Receive a Gift from my Travels!!!

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed part one of my India Trip. Part 2 will be posted this week in addition to some short videos from India. I will also be posting about my trip to NYC from December and my road trip around North Eastern USA with my boyfriend from April including my packing list. As always my packing list is one of my most popular posts.

While everyone knows I try my hardest to travel frequently and on a dirt cheap budget, but travel can sometimes pull hard on the purse strings. My major expense is airfare. This is why I am hosting an Aeroplan Miles trade.

What is an Aeroplan Miles trade?

Aeroplan is a loyalty program associated with Air Canada and Star Alliance that allows members to transfer their miles to other members. To offset the cost of my airfare I am asking readers to donate their expiring or unused miles to me*. In exchanged I will send them a gift and a post card from my destination. Pending destination for 2013 is South Africa and China. Look below to see what your gift will be. Miles will be used to cover or lower the cost of my travels.

Miles transfer can be done online and instantly through
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*Due to Aeroplan’s restrictions I am only allowed to receive up to 5 transfers per year. Aeroplan requires each transfer be a min of 1000 points and not reach past 999,990 points per transfer. In addition, Aeroplan charges “donator” a fee of 2 cents per mile transferred. Those who choose to donated their miles, are responsible for this charge and Travel along the Way will not absorb this cost for you. Please refer to for full details and conditions of the transfer miles program.


Lots of Love,

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India August 18- 21 2011 Part 1

Holly Heck am I really late on this post. I’ve been home from India for almost a year. A Year! So why is my post late, well a few reason. Around the end of March last year the place I had been working at had suddenly closed down and I was transferred to another place that downgraded me from part time/full time hours to 1 shift a week. And having purchases a non-refundable plane ticket to Delhi and being within the group tour’s no refund time period I was stuck trying to pay bills (2 credit cards, rent, cell, internet and tuition) and save up money for spending, transportation to and from the airport and the cost of my visa. Let’s just say a lot of services were not working when I arrived home.

By the time I had paid off my bills so my services were restored (thank god for student loans) I was back in school finishing my final year – well it was suppose to be my final year. During that time I had travel to New York City twice, visited Boston, Washington, Ottawa and Montreal and countless other cities along the way of these road trips. Some how in between the studying and traveling I manage to fall in love.  Oh and did I mention a book – actually 2 books.

But now schools over till January, more trips on the horizons. I am taking sometime to write for the blog that I loved so much.

August 18 2011- August 20th:

I took the early morning train from Brantford to Toronto. When I arrived at Toronto I took the shuttle bus to the airport. I was early and had to wait for check in to open. I was america airlines upgraded me on my flight to NYC and offered me an entire row to myself on FinnAir flight to Helsinki. The flight itself is alot like Helsinki – a little boring.

Eurohostel Room

I spent 26 hours in Helsinki, staying at Eurohostel on Linnankatu. The cleanest hostel I’ve ever seen. My room reminded me of an ilea inspired private dorm room. But who could complain? The bed was comfy, the room was quite, the bathrooms although shared with multiple stalls was still private and clean, and their was an huge flat screen TV that hung above my bed.

I wonder around Helsinki. Like I had mention, Helsinki a little boring. Nice. But not a whole lot to do or see. I spent most of my time around the harbor which I found beautiful. I did however followed a

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Frommer’s walking tour which took me to most of the important sights in Helsinki. I spent some time at the children’s zoo and Suomenlinna Sveaborg.

On my last day there I went ate breakfast in the market before I set off to see the zoo. It was early so I sat alone at a table underneath an orange tent eating my waffle. I hear a commotion. I looked up to see a tour group of Asian tourist lined up taking a picture of me eating a waffle alone in a Finnish market.

That night I headed back to the airport for my 8pm flight to Delhi. That flight I was so fortunate to have a entire row to myself.


August 21  20122

I arrived incredibly early in Delhi (5:30am). After deplaning I made my way through the long, hot, humid arrival lounge to customs.  I stood in long lines waiting for my chance to go an agent who as usual would only keep me there long enough to look at my visa and stamp my passport and waving me through. The benefits of being a Caucasian Canadian female, I guess. We’re not seen as a threat by custom guards. Before leaving the airport I exchange my Canadian money into Indian Rupees at the exchange both to the left of the exit.  I lugged my pack onto my back and made my way through the exit into taxi area, immediately getting hit with the heat and humidity that made the air thick and hard to breath. I crossed the road and got inline to by a prepaid taxi. Getting hassled every second by men who try to get me to come with them to their cab.  I paid for my cab and before I could pick up my bag a man had grabbed it urging me to follow him to the next cab in line. He through my bag in and helped me get in – and demanded a tip, in euros. He would not leave until I handed over my last 1 euro coin.

The taxi ride itself was interesting. The cars were old, even by 3rd world standard. The driver zig zaged bus way through the streets narrowing missing street vendors along side the road, dogs, cows and people and other cars. I sat in the back clutching my bag, praying that I would make it to the airport alive. The driver wasnt really sure where the hotel was and stopped to ask random people for directions.

When I got to the hotel a man carried my bag from their sister hotel and waited patiently for me to check in to be tip. That’s the thing in everyone expects one. Even the man who took my bag, took 2 steps and put it in the car demanded euros when I offered him a 1 rupee coin.

Once in my room after paying 720 rupees to check in I slept from 7:30-1pm. I ordered room service. I stayed in my room only venturing out to the hotel reception to see if they had a plug adapter.

The tour meeting was at 5pm where I met my group. All girls minus one guy. We went to dinner a few street over at a family resturant. The tour guide left us there after a bit. Me and some of the other girls went to buy water and to find an ATM. We got lost trying to find our hotel in streets filled of men that stared at you as walked through. Two of the girls wore revealing outfits by Indian standards that causes us even more attention.

My roommate didn’t arrive till 6pm ish nor did she come to dinner. I gave her a huge scare that night. I had fallen asleep and was having a nightmare where I was on a stair well that had gone black and all I could feel was openness. I was scared in my dream so I had started to yell for help. However once my roommate turned the lights on I found my sitting up right in my bed screaming for help. I looked over at her sitting in her bed with a freaked out looked on her face, asking me alright, telling me I had been screaming at the top of my lungs.

**** Stay tuned for part 2*****

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Dear Readers,

I haven’t posted since July of last year, I do apologies for such a long and unannounced hiatus. Stay tune because Travel Along the Way will be back with stories from India, Finland and, New York City and my upcoming road trip with a new travel buddy, dun dun dun.


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Role Reversal. Passenger gropes TSA Agent.

Add to this to the list of sure-fire ways to not make it to your plane on time.

 Last week a 61-year-old woman refused to go through passenger screening at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and became argumentative before grabbing and squeezing the breast of a female TSA agent.

For the full story – MSNBC

She has a striking resemblance Yoko Ono, no?

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Who’s going to Crash the Royal Wedding?

If you’ve haven’t been living under a rock you would have know by now Prince William is getting married this April – not to me might I add.  @KAYAK stated that searches for airfare to London for the royal wedding is 300% and hotels up 800%. 

I personally had to declind His Majesty invite as I have a date with GSP at his Toronto UFC debut on the 30th. It  a shame how dates don’t work out for you…. What about you? Are you going to make a jump to London for the wedding? If so here’s a video to help you out.;photovideo

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I’ve survived solo travel, can you?

Recently I received an email (I love emails, Please send me more) from a reader who was preparing to volunteer in Africa this summer. In her email she said “…My friends tell me it’s not safe for a solo woman traveler, but i feel different (of course it i take the necessary safe precautions)….”

This got me thinking, is traveling as a solo women really safe? Is traveling solo period safe? Is it dependant on your destination? The fact of the matter is any place has the potential to be unsafe; whether you are traveling solo or not. I’ve said before that I can be raped, killed, mugged, kidnapped, be a victim of terrorism and harassed for what I am wearing and my gender walking down the streets of Toronto. However, if I live my life in fear of what may come I’d never leave my house again.

The world can be a dangerous place, but it can also be a wonderful, magical insert various positive adjectivehere. You just need to keep your wits about you. Do you research, ask locals for advice, take care of yourself, know how to defend yourself, don’t go out at dark alone etc. In short protect yourself but don’t live in fear of what ifs.

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