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New Ariport security

I haven’t heard the full story on what has happen with the attempted terrorist attack Christmas day. However, in the wake of what has happen airport security has been increased.

For flights from Canada to the USA no carry on bags will be accepted with the exception of:

• Small purses

• Cameras
• Coats
• Medications
• Items for the care of small children
• Laptop computers
• Canes/walkers

At the time airlines are checking carry-on bags free of charge. But do double check before departing.

If you are flying anytime soon you arrive with plenty of spare.  More than 3 hours if you are flying international, more than 2 hours if flying national or domestic. You now need to factor in the increase security checks as well as the holiday crowds.

Transport Canada

Greater Toronto Airport Authority

Edit: For those who are like me and didnt hear the details of what happen. Here is an article written by the Telegraph (UK),

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2 year Anniversary


Call me slow and forgetful but yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of Travel Along the Way here on WordPress! I wonder what the next year will hold for Travel Along the Way.

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Travel Resoultion:

Hi everybody!

New years is upon us, so what is your travel resoultion? Mine? Well that is simple. Travel to a new country.

Happy Holidays everybody!

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Olympic Torch Relay in Brantford: The Video

Finally got around to editing the video and uploading it my youtube channel (which you can find by searching travelalongtheway).

So without any more hesitation here is the video. A little blurry and shaky but still pretty good.

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Brantford: Olympic Torch Relay the day after.

And the surprise torch bearer is….. *drum roll*….. Kevin Sullivan. For those who don’t know (like me) Kevin is an Olympic middle distant runner who was born in Brantford.  So I guess I was wrong.  However I was correct, you cannot have an event in Brantford without a Gretzky.  Walter (Wayne’s father) was on hand to help celebrate the arrival of the torch.  Wally was the same cheerful, loveable hockey dad we all know and love.

It was a great night spent with several friends who I haven’t seen in a long time.  Even had my photo taken holding the Olympic torch – the closest I’ll get to being a torch bearer, and with Kevin as well.  All and all it was a great night and a great way to lead up the Olympics.

Here are some photos from last. They didn’t turn out the greatest, but they’re still lasting memories. A video will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow.

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Brantford: Olympic Torch Relay.

So I may not be going to Vancouver to see the Olympics after all. However I am back home in Brantford for a few days visiting friends and family and while here I will be around to watch the Olympic torch relay.
A part of Olympic history this will be the last time the Olympic flame will tour Canada [unless we get the games again]. I am a tad surprise at how hard it has been to find some friends who wanted to go with me. A bunch of “I’d love to but, I have to… work, go out of town, “ and one “I’d love to but I am due any minute and rather my baby not be delivered by one of the Olympic Mascots.” Nonetheless, I am still very excited and am looking forward to seeing it.

The buzz around town over the olympics has been who will be the mistery final torch carrier who will bring the flame into town.  Most assume it would assume it be Wayne Gretzky or one of our 100’s of famous athleties. My guess though is Wayne (maybe even his dad). You cannot have an event in Brantford without the Gretzkys.

I’ll have some photos and may a video to post later tonight.

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Travel Memories: Niagara Falls

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Packing Lists

There is only 5 more days left of my first semester of college. The biggest trip of my life so far.  So like a good student who should be studying for finals I am updating my blog. I really miss it. My blog that is, not studying. After this week for the next month the only thing I want to study is Christmas cards and Olympic Torches.

I’ve added a new featuring ===> Packing List.  A collection of packing list from my past travels. You can find it under headings.  I’ve also updated the “Where I…” page.

Itchy, Itchy, Itchy feets. What are your Christmas travel plans?

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