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Air New Zealand’s Seizure Inducing Inflight Video

I’ll let you in on a little secret – Richard Simmons scares the crap out of me. As an ex-really fat kid, when I had nightmares, instead of the clown from “IT” it was this clown prancing away. So when I saw Air New Zealand ultra bright video I didn’t know whether to chuckle and admire their creativity or shield my eyes and call my therapist for a session.

“Like a Giraffa”

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2012 Olympic Mascot…

Just saw the mascot for next year’s Olympics. Can someone explain to me what the hell is it?

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How Not To Get on a Flight.

Fastforward to theĀ 2.30 mark and this women as shown on UK show Airline will demostrate exactly what to do if you don’t want to getĀ  on your flight and be the newest addition to the no flight list.

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