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Talk about a travel deal! .25 cents per night

I just found out about this deal from Travel & Leisure today. But the U.S. Virgin islands is having a Centsation promotion where you can stay for .25/night. Granted you only have till the second of November to book it, and must travel before December 15th.


Why not check it out yourself?

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Appologies, Weddings and Siren Calls

Wow, has it been really a month since I last wrote? I guess so.  Life has been hectic since my return to school. I love being in school again. However the siren calls to the road is getting harder to resist.

My school is located near Pearson airport, so on a regular base I see planes coming and going. The planes are so low you can tell what airline they are from, and I find myself guessing where the plane is heading to base on the company. Cathy Airlines, oh that must be heading to some where in Asia. American airlines, I am guessing New York City. Seeing this on a daily bases is like holding a Twinkie in front of a fat kid on a treadmill.

I’m doubting now my ability to stay in one place for very long. I do not think I could settle down in one place for the rest of my life. Not even in Venice.  I wonder how I am going to be able to stay in one place for the next 4 ½ years.

This brings me the point of this post. My uncle is getting married to a lovely lady. My future aunt is from the Philippines.  While they have yet to set a date or location, there has been talks of having the wedding in her home country instead of to Montreal where our family is from and still lives.  I am all for either one. But, if I could just possibly suggest the Philippines, that would be fantastic!

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