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3 Great Things Happen Today

  1. Canada won a gold medal in Men Hockey (Woo hoo)
  2. Canada not only has the most gold medals won by a hosting country, but the most gold medal EVER! (Double woo hoo)
  3. C and I finally agreed on our vacation dates for our trip to Disney World.

C who is a Freelance Sound Recordist here in Toronto and does most of her work during the summer and me a college student/ writer who  is really only free during the summer, picking a date that we could both agree on took 3 months.   In fact since making the decision to go we changed the dates 4-5X before finally agreeing on the first week of August in order to take advantage of Disney 300$ gift card promotion.

So here’s hoping that we don’t change the dates again… we’re putting down the deposit next week.

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Cute idea for your travel memories.

I am always on the look out for new and interesting ways to preserve ones travel memories. The Thomas family had a great idea making a music video of their daughters while at dinsey world signing along to Hannah Montana’s It All Right Here. They did such a great job.

Their video was inspired by the Wolf’s family dance Orlando video.

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Canada just beat Russia in the Olympics for the 1st time in 50 years. I am one proud Canuck!

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How fat is too fat?

Too fat to fly? @thatkevinsmith

Apparently Kevin Smith is…

Recently director (an awesome one might I add) Kevin Smith was  taken off a South West flight deemed as a safety risk because of his size. He was not just required to buy another seat to accommodate his size and comfort  of his fellow passenger (he had already boughten an extra seat anyway). But removed from the flight after he was already checked in and buckled in. I’ve seen their reality

Kevin between the pipes © Travel Along the Way 2009

show “Airline” and I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Smith play hockey at the Walter Gretzky Ball Hockey tournament this past summer.

Believe me when I say Kevin is not THAT fat, and on Airline while C.O.S (customers of size) were given some hassle, many customers larger then Kevin were seated with and with out seat belt extenders and extra seats and not deemed a “safety risk by the Captian”.

Perhaps the Captian wasn’t a fan. Jersey Girl did suck.

At what point is fat too fat?

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Olympic size pout.


Is it physically possible to kick one’s “ass”? I am not sure, but all I know is I am sure as hell trying to. With the opening ceremony for the Olympics tonight and me in Brantford it’s leaving me with a bitter taste and hating myself for being a cheap ass. You see I’ve been counting down to the Olympics in my home country for the last 3 years, dying to be there, but last spring after accepting admission to college I decided the money I would have spent could be better spent else where.
It was going to cost me at least $2000 for the opening weekend alone. ⅔ of this year’s tuition. This not including spending money and money for food and assuming that I could find a place that a. had vacancies and b. was not $1400 a night.
I was some what okay with the decision not to go until the Olympic torch came through town and a possible Ontario college strike that would have left me wide open during the Olympics instead of studying madly for mid terms. Now I am pouting and wishing I was there.

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