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New York City May 22nd 2008

New York City May 22nd 2008

How do I get myself into these situations? I know I was forgetting something and by something I mean my pin # for my prepaid credit card for cash withdrawls.

My expenses costed me more then I thought, even though my cab to Aldershot was less then expected.

First food on the the train was outrageously expensive. I should have brought more of my own food. Then getting stuck in traffic from Pen Station to the hostel costed me 23$ with tip. The when I got to the hostel I found out my room price I was quoted did not include taxes, not to mention they did not have a record of my reservation. Despite sending me an email conformation a week earlier.

I do not have access to money until tomorrow when I get paid. How much? Not 100% sure.

The train ride down was fine. Filled with friendly people, snorers and crying babies. However even a long trip, it leaves you with plenty of time to think.

I’ve been single by choice for the last 2 1/2 years since Matt and I broke up. I had stayed single 1. because I never wanted to be hurt again the way Matt hurt me, blah blah blah, 2. freedom, I’ve never wanted anything or anyone holding me back or giveme a reason to hold myself back from travel and adventure.

Of course at times it would have been nice to have someone with me or to miss a little while a way. But in the end I remind myself about the miss oportunities I had while with Matt and how it great it felt to be free of any guilt of leaving someone at home.

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Introductions to New York City and Montreal.

I have always been a little bit of a procrastinator with my blogs but this time I really do have a reason for taking so long to update my blog with diary post from my New York City trip.

When I return from NYC I was hit with shifts after shifts, over time after over time. About three weeks after being home from NYC, I got home from work one Saturday, mom tells me my grandmother has passed away. A week later I was in a death trap for the 7 hour car ride from Brantford back home to Montreal for her funeral.

I got back to Brantford from Montreal last Sunday, had Monday off and have been working like crazy since. Now I finally have a night and a day off I will update my post.

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