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Like a tourist, visit for the very first time: Toronto

I have lived in Ontario for about eighteen years since moving here from Quebec in 1992. Since living here I’ve been to Toronto no less then ten times. I’ve been to Toronto to visit family and friends, to attend concerts, baseball games, to the airport on my way to other fantastic destinations. But not once have I’ve been to Toronto to be a tourist.Torontomay2005

Sure I’ve seen the CN Tower, but I’ve never been up the tower and stood on the glass floor.  I’ve sat in the Sky dome and watch the Blue Jays lose. I’ve been to the ROM but only on a school trip where I was force to hold hands with another kid and “discover” the museum buddy system style.

So since accepting an admission offer to start college in September with a determine mind to pay for at least the first year myself I probably wont be leaving the country for at least two years, I was disgusted to realize that I’ve never seen Toronto the way the million or so tourist come to see it every year. So this Easter weekend, after some begging and pleading at work I was granted the entire weekend off (extremely rare that I have a holiday weekend off).

Since it’s a holiday weekend and family often comes to visit I only have one day to explore Toronto.

So my itinerary for the day is starting to look like

Train to Union Stations arrives at 10am.

Explore Union Station for a bit, and then walk to the CN Tower.

After doing everything the CN Tower has to offer – glass floor, lookout deck. Make my way to the Rogers Centre (Sky dome) for a tour (11am, 1pm and 3pm.).

Next a quick stop at the Air Canada Centre for some pictures.

Following the Air Canada Centre I will make my way to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

After a meet and great with Lord Stanley I have a date with Mike Meyer’s star on the Canada Walk of Fame.

Later up to Chum/City TV Complex see what’s going on at Much Music.

From Chum/City TV complete take the nearest subway north to Casa Loma and tour Toronto’s very own castle.

Walk through Little Italy and Kensington Market. Perhaps a trip down Yonge St.

Hop on the subway to the Harbourfront centre.

Train home from Union Station leaves at 7:15pm

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Website for Canadian 18-35 who want to work aboard

Just a quick post. I wanted to share the address where young Canadian who want to work aboard whether as a working holiday or a young professional can get information. This official Canada website we’ll give you the information you need for getting your visa.

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Another Video from….

the Travel Along the Way Vault. This video was taken on a private Vapprato(sp). It took us from the Venice train station to San Marco Square. Down the Rialto Canal we went through the industrial area of Venice. It is 4 minutes of the 15 or so minute ride. Enjoy!

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Travel Memories from Italy

It’s been a year since this video was taken. But it’s one of my favorite travel memories from my Contiki trip to Italy.

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Budget Travel Resources for Students and Youths Part 1. – The Canadian run company gears itself towards Students and youths mostly from Canada. You can book just about anything from this site from flights to insurances to packages and rail passes. – Similar to Travel Cuts however it is more well known. The sight has been mention in several guidebooks over the years. With everything on the sight geared towards students, youths and even teachers, makes a good resource for finding some awesome deals. – It’s like but for hostel. Here you can research over 2000 hostels from around the world and book your desire room. Sign up for their monthly savings magazine and you’ll pay no booking fee. – The international student identity card. Accepted all over the world offering students discounts on travel and attractions. There is also a card for those under 26 but not in school and teachers. – A UK Company helping students making the most of their gap years. With resources from planning your trip and finding things to do to make the most of your travels. With a great community section where you can meet people like yourself, find a travel buddy or ask your travel related questions. – Not nearly as proficient or cheap as Euro rail or even Via Rail, but over the next few years train travel will be an excellent way to the states. – Although better then Amtrak, Canada’s rail company is not quite as good as Europe’s. None the less it’s cheaper then taking the bus, more comfortable and offers student discounts. – Traveling Europe by rail is cheap, relaxing and fun! Discounts rates for youths under 26. , , Are the 3 most popular guide books. Use to plan and budget your trip

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Havana, Cuba Street Performers

While walking Calle Opiso towards Plaza de Armas I came across a troup of street performers entertaining an crowd of people out front of Museo de la Ciudad.

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CoCo Taxi in Havana Cuba

Not until recently did I start taking videos while traveling. While in Cuba in January I filmed my coco taxi ride from Acuario Nacional back to Hotel Kohly.

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