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Rickshaw Ride Through Jaipur, India

So I suck when it comes to updating about my trip to India last year. I promise it was great, really I swear. So here’s a video of a rickshaw ride I took through Jaipur on our way to dinner at a local restaurant.

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The Importance of fare watching.

You have got to be #)@&*@& kidding me! I screamed this morning.

For weeks now, airfare to Beijing from Toronto have been kicking around the $1110-$1200 mark. Well that was until Sunday when I noticed the fares had jumped to $1380+. Pooping my pants that the boyfriend and I would be paying out our noses for our trip in the new year I went searching through my sources trying to see if I can find any lower fares. While we’re not planning to buy our tickets until the end of this week, I wanted to keep my eye on the fares.

Through United I had found the cheapest available fare that day – $1153/person. Well it’s the best I could find. It wasn’t too much more than what we had originally figure we would pay. Concern that the fares may keep rising we took advantage of United’s farelock program. For a (steep) fee they allow you lock your fare and seats for 72 hours ($9.99/ticket) or 7 days for (19.99/ticket). Granted we now leave at 6:30am and have 2 change of plans before we fly to Beijing, but at least we wont miss our connecting flight in Zhengzhou or paying too much.

But what if the price  goes down again?

If it goes down again, which on Sunday night a few minutes before midnight I was seriously doubting, we can release the tickets and purchases the new ones. At least we know we wont be paying any more than that…

Well, we defiantly wont be paying any more than that seeing how the fares dropped from $1380 to $997 per person including tax. I haven’t seen such low fares for this route since April. I quickly called United to try and secure the new fare  hoping that they wont make me pay yet another farelock fee since I still wont be buying until Friday.

Unfortunately, I had to repurchase farelock on the new tickets to reserve it at that fare.  It still works out to be much cheaper than had we kept the old fare or accepted the even higher fares. We also now have our original flight with only one stop.

It is important to keep an eye on airfare. They fluctuate drastically higher and lower in minutes. To get the best fare, you need to keep looking and when you find a fare that legit and amazing you got to jump on it. Don’t look at just one site. Look at them all, pit them against each other. While United offered the fare at $997, until a few mins again Expedia, and Kayak were still trying to sell them at the old price and Flight Center is offering it at $1151.

Need help planning your up coming trip? Let me help 

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What Bitches Wear At The Airport – Jenna Marbles


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China visa part 2

All is well, and I should be picking up my visa Thursday morning. It went rather smoothly, no major blips in the processes. The only issue we really had was that I couldn’t get a multiple entry visa unless my boyfriend and I were married. Well she said I couldn’t get it because it was my first time applying. But the boyfriend had asked her in Mandarin if I could get it the next time I applied, and that when she told us no, because we weren’t married.

My mother had text me this morning asking how it went. Without thinking I text back that we couldn’t get it unless we were married and that we drove to the falls to have a quickie wedding done, and will be trying again on Thursday. Needless to say my mother didn’t think that little joke was funny. I on the other hand is still pissing my pants laughing. I think I might be grounded now.

I will be driving back to the consulate to pick up my visa and passport later in the week.

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China Visas

I returned home a few weeks ago from Montreal. The funeral was hard – but is there ever really an easy funeral?

To get my mind of things I’ve turned my mind back to my trip to China. I am driving to the city today to apply for my visa. What a hassle this is going to be. They really make you jump through hoops to get it. 

First there is the 4 page application requesting every detail of my life including the names and occupation of every member of my immediate family. An invitation letter from my boyfriend’s mother inviting me to china. A copy of her ID and a pretty heft check.

The invitation letter was a nightmare. My boyfriend mother, who I am staying with while in China, does not speak a lick of English. I had to write my invitation letter myself so it would include all the information the China consulate requested. Have the boyfriend translate it into Mandarin. He then emailed it to his mother to approve. His mother had to get her Niece’s husband to print it off  for her to sign, then run around their small (well at 3 million people its small for China) city to find a place where he could scan the copy of the letter and her ID and email it back to us.

Before I head to the consulate  I had to go to Black’s and get new visa photos as the ones I had done for India are too old -14 months old. I learned my lesson when I went to India. Only get my photos done at Black’s. I did my first India photos at Shoppers and they were rejected because my photo wasnt done correctly. However, Black garrentees that they are done right or they give you your money back. shoppers doesnt. 


Well off I go now.

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Travel for sad reasons.

I traveled back home to Montreal yesterday. Unfortunately it’s not for a happy occasion. You see my grandfather died Monday night suddenly after having a stroke last month. As much as I love to travel, I hate when its for reason like this.

What makes me even sadder now that he’s gone, I realized how baby I didn’t keep my promised. I promised, when my grandmother died in 2008 that I would come home more often to visit him. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I am in search of new and exciting places to visit I forgot to visit the place I came from. In the 4 years since I made that promise, do you know how many times I made it home? Once.

So advice for the day, when in search of new shores remember to visit familiar shores every now and then.

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Traditional Marinets in Bharatpur, India

On August 24th, we stayed at Hotel Surya Villas Palace. A beautiful hotel that I will discuss in my next post. These men greeted us with a song when we first arrived and then after dinner treated us to a charming marinets performance. Here is some video clips from that performance. I really wish my camera didn’t suck so much and you could see how great this was.

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2012 Olympics

Yay! The Olympics start today. Well, actually they started a few days ago. However today is the opening ceremony. I am held up at home with a strain knee waiting for 2 o’clock when the ceremonies will start on CTV.


I am excited for fencing, equestrian and gymnastic. What about you? What Olympic events are you excited for?

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Donate your Aeroplan Miles and Receive a Gift from my Travels!!!

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed part one of my India Trip. Part 2 will be posted this week in addition to some short videos from India. I will also be posting about my trip to NYC from December and my road trip around North Eastern USA with my boyfriend from April including my packing list. As always my packing list is one of my most popular posts.

While everyone knows I try my hardest to travel frequently and on a dirt cheap budget, but travel can sometimes pull hard on the purse strings. My major expense is airfare. This is why I am hosting an Aeroplan Miles trade.

What is an Aeroplan Miles trade?

Aeroplan is a loyalty program associated with Air Canada and Star Alliance that allows members to transfer their miles to other members. To offset the cost of my airfare I am asking readers to donate their expiring or unused miles to me*. In exchanged I will send them a gift and a post card from my destination. Pending destination for 2013 is South Africa and China. Look below to see what your gift will be. Miles will be used to cover or lower the cost of my travels.

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Lots of Love,

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