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Yup, I think I got it all

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From a Solo Traveler to a Companion Traveler. Oh. Dear.

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I’ve preached the solo travel gospel since ’06 and I still strongly believe in it. However, this year I find myself trekking down a new, un-chartered road to Disney world with a companion.  I wont get into the pro and cons of traveling with somebody or why I choose a travel partner and this partner in particular (I felt weird going to Disney World alone and C was willing), but offer some tips to those about to embark on the same journey (not necessarily the same destination though) as myself.

Choose your travel companion wisely:

You are traveling to a foreign place where you probably don’t know anyone but the person you’re traveling with for a period of time ranging from a few days to a few months. Make sure you choose someone that after a few days of them dumping their crap on the hotel room floor you don’t want to choke them. Also choose someone who has the same budget as you.  The person you travel with can make or break your trip.

Have an Open Mind:

When you travel alone you get to do what you want and when you want. However when you travel with someone else who probably doesn’t have 100% the same interests as you, everything seems to be a compromise. You have to be open minded to trying the things your partner wants to do that you might not have done if it was just you.

You don’t have to spend 24/7 with them:

Even if you are on your honeymoon, you don’t have to spend all your time together. If one person wants to do one thing and the other another, do it. This way you’re not resenting each for missing something you really want do and see and you get some alone time.

When going gets tough, think of the pros:

There are bound to be rough times whether or not you travel with someone. But when they do, think of the pros. You have someone to share these times with that by this time next you’ll be sharing a laugh with each other over it. You’ll save all this money avoiding single supplements and the cost of hotel rooms.  Plus now you have tons of photos of you in the places you visit.

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