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And so it begins…

The count down that is. Less then 185 days to go until I am basking in Egyptian history and Greek gods.

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Who’s going to Crash the Royal Wedding?

If you’ve haven’t been living under a rock you would have know by now Prince William is getting married this April – not to me might I add.  @KAYAK stated that searches for airfare to London for the royal wedding is 300% and hotels up 800%. 

I personally had to declind His Majesty invite as I have a date with GSP at his Toronto UFC debut on the 30th. It  a shame how dates don’t work out for you…. What about you? Are you going to make a jump to London for the wedding? If so here’s a video to help you out.;photovideo

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I’ve survived solo travel, can you?

Recently I received an email (I love emails, Please send me more) from a reader who was preparing to volunteer in Africa this summer. In her email she said “…My friends tell me it’s not safe for a solo woman traveler, but i feel different (of course it i take the necessary safe precautions)….”

This got me thinking, is traveling as a solo women really safe? Is traveling solo period safe? Is it dependant on your destination? The fact of the matter is any place has the potential to be unsafe; whether you are traveling solo or not. I’ve said before that I can be raped, killed, mugged, kidnapped, be a victim of terrorism and harassed for what I am wearing and my gender walking down the streets of Toronto. However, if I live my life in fear of what may come I’d never leave my house again.

The world can be a dangerous place, but it can also be a wonderful, magical insert various positive adjectivehere. You just need to keep your wits about you. Do you research, ask locals for advice, take care of yourself, know how to defend yourself, don’t go out at dark alone etc. In short protect yourself but don’t live in fear of what ifs.

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Every year I make new year resolutions. I don’t think I always keep them but I try this year these are my new year’s resolutions. What is yours?
1. Eat out less. Take home made lunch to school and work.
2. Lose 20-40lbs before Egypt
3. Take better care of my body
4. Study harder. Min of 2hours per day.
5. Learn to manage stress and relax
6. Learn Egyptian Arabic for trip.
7. Get at least 1 ‘A’ out of Chan.
8. Give Fencing a try.
9. Give up pop.
10. Check off at least 3 things of the bucket list

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