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No Longer a Tourist Virgin: Toronto

I’ve been home from Toronto for a few days now. The trip didn’t really go 100% as plan. But then again they never do. Connie had decided she wanted to come too and met up with me at Union station.  I’ve known Connie since elementary school and haven’t seen her much since we both left high school. So it was nice to see her again.

There is one thing I like about solo travel above all and that is the ability to do what I want, when I want, without having to compromise. Until Connie had to leave at 3 to have Easter dinner at her in-laws, everything we did was debated and compromised on. Although it was nice to have the company and some one to take pictures for you.

Once we both decide we refuse to call the Skydome the Roger’s centre and momentary getting lost trying to find the right way out of Union Station we headed to the CN Tower court yard to buy our tickets for an hour long tour of the Skydome.  Connie and I discussed our collective trips to Cuba while we waited for the tour to start late. Apparently Varadero is where it’s at.

The tour was actually interesting, even if the tour guide was a little weird. By the end of the tour we swore we were going to throw something at him if he said “Make sure you take your stuff, because we will never, never ever, ever ever come back this way again” again. The tour took us through the Club 200 seats, a skybox, the blue jay hall of fame skybox, and the press boxes down into the visiting teams dug out and even out on the field.


Once the tour ended we headed to lunch at Subway down below the streets at Simco place near the Skydome.  After lunch we stood in line to get our admission tickets. Only to be told it’s an hour wait to go up.  I bought my ticket and agree to head to Chinatown with Connie and head back to the tower when Connie leaves.


We stroll pass CHUM/City TV building on our way to Chinatown.  The streets of Chinatown are crowed the signs read both in Chinese characters and English. We searched the shops for pirated DVD and although no surprise we found none in English.  On our way to the subway we strolled pass AGO and the most ugly building in the world. The school of art and design was checker board block on what looked like to be double sharpen pencil crayons stilts.


I waved Connie goodbye at Union and headed to the CN tower to stand in line for over an hour.  The new glass floor elevators are only merely slits in the floor and with all the people the shove in at one time you cannot really see anything. Although the view from the window going up is amazing.  I took pictures from the lookout and then headed down the stairs to brave standing on the glass floor. Not so scary – but then again I didn’t stand there for too long and quickly got off when some guy started jumping.


It took less time to make my way around the CN tower look out point and glass floor then it did to go up.  I went back down and got my picture that was taken of me before you get nailed by security when you go up. I hoped in a cab to go to the hockey hall of fame only to find out I probably could have walked and save 6 bucks.


As a girl who was born into a hockey town and then raised in the hometown of a hockey legend the hall of fame was pretty interesting. It was hilarious to see the Stanley Cup placed on a stilt and see people line up to kiss it and have their picture taken with it like it was the pope. 


Time was running short after I left the H.H.O.F and went to quickly get dinner at East Side Mario’s.


Coming home the train was late leaving almost an hour due to a medical issue with one of the crew and we had to wait for another one to come and replace him.

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Icelandair Stimulus Package from $679 pp DBL

I received a postcard in the mail today of a lone women swimming in a beautiful and majestic blue bay, with the words “You Qualify!” scrawled across it. When I flipped it over it was an advertisement for interesting package from Iceland air.

I thought I pass it along.

679$ pp DBL (round trip air, two nights hotel, Breakfast daily except arrival + exclusive icelandair stimulus vouchers to use for great discounts and free offers in Iceland).

The catch though is that price is valid from April 5- 30 2009. The postcard was mailed on the 17th and today is the 22nd. They also have packages available from $729 pp May 3-26 2009.

I probably would have taken advantage of this packages given more notice. If you’re looking for a last minute trip for more information or to book, please contract your travel agent or visit or call (877) I-Fly-ICE

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