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2012 Olympics

Yay! The Olympics start today. Well, actually they started a few days ago. However today is the opening ceremony. I am held up at home with a strain knee waiting for 2 o’clock when the ceremonies will start on CTV.


I am excited for fencing, equestrian and gymnastic. What about you? What Olympic events are you excited for?

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3 Great Things Happen Today

  1. Canada won a gold medal in Men Hockey (Woo hoo)
  2. Canada not only has the most gold medals won by a hosting country, but the most gold medal EVER! (Double woo hoo)
  3. C and I finally agreed on our vacation dates for our trip to Disney World.

C who is a Freelance Sound Recordist here in Toronto and does most of her work during the summer and me a college student/ writer who  is really only free during the summer, picking a date that we could both agree on took 3 months.   In fact since making the decision to go we changed the dates 4-5X before finally agreeing on the first week of August in order to take advantage of Disney 300$ gift card promotion.

So here’s hoping that we don’t change the dates again… we’re putting down the deposit next week.

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Canada just beat Russia in the Olympics for the 1st time in 50 years. I am one proud Canuck!

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Olympic size pout.


Is it physically possible to kick one’s “ass”? I am not sure, but all I know is I am sure as hell trying to. With the opening ceremony for the Olympics tonight and me in Brantford it’s leaving me with a bitter taste and hating myself for being a cheap ass. You see I’ve been counting down to the Olympics in my home country for the last 3 years, dying to be there, but last spring after accepting admission to college I decided the money I would have spent could be better spent else where.
It was going to cost me at least $2000 for the opening weekend alone. ⅔ of this year’s tuition. This not including spending money and money for food and assuming that I could find a place that a. had vacancies and b. was not $1400 a night.
I was some what okay with the decision not to go until the Olympic torch came through town and a possible Ontario college strike that would have left me wide open during the Olympics instead of studying madly for mid terms. Now I am pouting and wishing I was there.

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Olympic Torch Relay in Brantford: The Video

Finally got around to editing the video and uploading it my youtube channel (which you can find by searching travelalongtheway).

So without any more hesitation here is the video. A little blurry and shaky but still pretty good.

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Brantford: Olympic Torch Relay.

So I may not be going to Vancouver to see the Olympics after all. However I am back home in Brantford for a few days visiting friends and family and while here I will be around to watch the Olympic torch relay.
A part of Olympic history this will be the last time the Olympic flame will tour Canada [unless we get the games again]. I am a tad surprise at how hard it has been to find some friends who wanted to go with me. A bunch of “I’d love to but, I have to… work, go out of town, “ and one “I’d love to but I am due any minute and rather my baby not be delivered by one of the Olympic Mascots.” Nonetheless, I am still very excited and am looking forward to seeing it.

The buzz around town over the olympics has been who will be the mistery final torch carrier who will bring the flame into town.  Most assume it would assume it be Wayne Gretzky or one of our 100’s of famous athleties. My guess though is Wayne (maybe even his dad). You cannot have an event in Brantford without the Gretzkys.

I’ll have some photos and may a video to post later tonight.

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Packing Lists

There is only 5 more days left of my first semester of college. The biggest trip of my life so far.  So like a good student who should be studying for finals I am updating my blog. I really miss it. My blog that is, not studying. After this week for the next month the only thing I want to study is Christmas cards and Olympic Torches.

I’ve added a new featuring ===> Packing List.  A collection of packing list from my past travels. You can find it under headings.  I’ve also updated the “Where I…” page.

Itchy, Itchy, Itchy feets. What are your Christmas travel plans?

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Milking the Cash Cow Dry: 2010 Olympics

Photo (c) tintinetmilou

Photo (c) tintinetmilou

A part of my planning to attend the Olympics, I’ve been searching for reasonably priced accommodations during my visit to Vancouver, with couch surfing as my last option. Not that there is anything wrong with couch surfing, just my plans I want to be able to come and go without feeling like I am intruding into someone ‘ busy life.

However finding reasonable price accommodation ($100/night or less) hasn’t been easy – actually proving to be almost impossible. I found that most places are already booked from February12-28 2010, or are currently not accepting reservations for that period yet. The ones that are accepting reservations are $300 a night and up. One place was even $1100 a night. A NIGHT! The hotel and hostels and B&B that I have found that were reasonable wanted a 50% non refundable deposit due upon reservation, with the remainder by October 1st and non cancellation without 100% penalty after December 31st.

I get supply and demand, I honestly get that. It’s the Olympics and there is money to be made, but give a girl a break. Most of those places with outrageous prices would have been $150 a night or less any other time. Paying full price upfront wouldn’t be so bad if I knew for sure if I was able to attend. With plans up in the air because of school ~$250 is a lot of money to risk losing.
Honorable mention does go to Chocolate Lily ( who no available rentals for me had passed my reservation on to their associates. The kind people at Kitsilano Suites ( were the first to email me with an offer of a room, how ever when I emailed them back stating their price was too much, they promptly emailed me back with a suggestion of another hotel that might offer me a better rate or discount. This was nice of them.

So have I found a place to stay for the Olympics yet? Nope. I am still looking. Thus dear readers if you know of any hotels or hostel offering private room with or without a private bathroom, that doesn’t require a deposit in the Vancouver area who accepting reservation for the 2010 Olympics please email me at joc.travelalongtheway [at]

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The next trip

It’s been a while since I last blog. With going back to school quickly coming up I have been considering the possibility of traveling while in school.

While I’ll have more time to travel with summer vacations, reading weeks, and all stat holidays off. I also won’t be working full time, and a lots of my money if not most will be going to tuition, books, transportation and what little bills I have.

However with my next trip I am quite determined to go to. On my list of 101 things to do before I am thirty-five, #12, #17 and #47 all relate to attending the Olympics in some way. While in the next ten years I’ll have two cracks at each Olympics before turning  thirty-five. However the 2010 Olympics are extra special for me. 1 they’ll be the last time we’ll see the torch bearer across the world. The next Olympics you’ll only see it in the host country. 2, It is also being hosted in my home country and in a city I haven’t visited since I was 3.


Wow, this will not be cheap.


4 tickets: 1 opening or closing ceremony, 2 men’s hockey regular games, 1 other event will cost me roughly $332


My preliminary search of airfare will cost between $750 and 840$ flying from Hamilton International Airport and arriving at Vancouver International Airport.


At this moment, all hotels and hostels and other accommodations are currently blocking reservations for the period of the Olympics. So it has been hard trying to find prices. The one place who is accepting reservations, 2010 Furnished Rentals, is charging a minimal of $1100 a night. Not even if I could afford that, would I.  That is more then my rent!

I have considered couch surfing, if my cousins are unable to come and split the cost of hotels. I do have two friends who live in Vancouver. A newlywed couple, and one who lives with like 3 other roommates in a small house. Both would probably not work out well.


Here is the second major problem next to funding.  School.  The Olympics are from February 12 2010 to February 28 2010. My reading week starts March 1st.  I will have to either miss classes then come back for a few classes then have a week long break. Or extend my reading week by a few days and go to end games and closing ceremonies. However since they’ll able be final events tickets will be double the amount.

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College Vs. Travel With A Little Olympics Thrown In

I am going to take the Oprah/ The Secret approach to this and put it out in the universe. I want to announce I have applied to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. I don’t know how anyone else feels on the subject, but to me to be one I think it would be huge and a major honor to be apart of Canadian and Olympic history. Any better and I would be an athlete competing. So here’s hoping that destiny and fate and whoever else is watching out for me has this in mind for me.

So while filling out applications to become an Olympic torchbearer I was also filling out my college applications. It’s that time again in Ontario. Well actually it’s passed that time for most students, but I am applying for a January start program so I still have a few days left. When I was senior in high school I had applied and was accepted into my programs but decide almost two weeks before the start of classes that I wasn’t ready for school and wanted to travel. Two years ago I planned to apply to college again but got as far as setting up my application and having my transcripts ready to be mailed in. 5 trips later….

Besides the highway robbery of application fees and any other random fees the Ontario college application service likes to charge and ignoring the fact that I will probably be about 5-6 years older then most of the students in my class or that my grades aren’t as high as they could have been due to the amount of slacking I did in H.S. That has been on my mind. No, it has something to do with what my mom had said when I was discussing my applications for Canadian history and my future over dinner.

“If this is what you want Jo, go for. Put all your little trips asides and do this full course. Don’t do it haft way. I want you to go all the way.”

“Wait I can’t take any more trips if I go to college?”

“You have done enough trips. Focus on doing well on this.”

“Well I can’t take one more trip before I go?”

“Well if you really feel like you need too… But you should be saving up for schooling.”

So here is my question is college the end all to travel? Is this really it? No more foreign adventures but the 9 to 5 drone. Should I travel one more time before going off to school and having to pay upwards of 10,000 a year for the next 5 years? Or do I forget college and a stable future and continue to work at a restaurant so I can continue traveling several times a year at will? Does it really haft to be one or the other?

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