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Flight attendants do the Gaga saftey dance

…one way to make sure people pay attention to the safty talk.

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Travel Along the Way’s current top 10 playlist +2

Hi everybody! I’ve said many times before that I love music almost as much as I love traveling. I spend my down times listening to music while traveling. Currently on my high rotation on my IPOD Nano are:

  1.  Tokio Hotel – A young German band that released an English record back in March (?) here in Canada and is taking the world by storm. I’ve been hearing alot about them and decide to pick up their record. I am so glad I did.
  2. Automatic Love letters – Great voice on this girl. A little emo rock sound. Hush is by far my favorite song of theirs.
  3. The Arkells – I was given this digital sample card from a friend of mine.  I have been listening to that song no stop. Their album drops soon.
  4. Beyonce – While not a huge fan of her type of music I am really liking Single Ladies and If I was boy.
  5. Jason Mraz – another recommendation from a friend.
  6. Lady Gaga – what can I say the songs are catchy.
  7. Gavin Degraw – Always liked him.
  8. Neyo – A very talented man. I was a little too excited when I found out he worked with my childhood favorite band.
  9. Buckcherry- Crazy bitch is one of my pump up songs. Always gets me excited.
  10. Billy Talent – Good home grown band.
  11. All time Low- Another catchy “emo”/punk/rock call it what you want band. Remembering Sunday features Juliette Sims from Automatic LoveLetters.
  12. Weezer – I was just informed these guys did not break up/got back together recently much to my ears enjoyment.

Always up for playlist suggestions. What’s yours?

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