Meet My New Travel Companion – King.

I was wondering around Union Station in Toronto 2 weeks ago after having my Indian Visa declined temporary because my visa photos that were done at Shopper’s Drug Mart were done incorrectly, I met a percurliar creature. He had messy reddish hair and gigantic golden brown eyes. He said “excuse me, Miss where are you going? Can I go with you?”

“Well sir, I am going home. Perhaps some other time you can come with me if our paths should ever cross again.”

This past Friday I was in Toronto again, with new visa pictures done at Black’s Photography (well worth the $22 I spent) in hand. There he was sitting in the same spot I had left him sitting with his friends watching the busy people on their journeys. I smiled and nodded hello.

Visa application handed in and accepted and with tired feet I made my way towards the Go Trains. I passed him again and he called after me.

“Hello again miss. You did say if our paths ever cross again I could come with you. That I could come with you. That’s twice today, our paths have cross. Some would call that fate.”

“I guess you’re right, we must hurry now our train is leaving soon.”

He sat across from me on the GO train with his messy reddish hair and his big golden brown eyes and looked happy as can be traveling with me.

“I’m King.” He said.

“Well, hello King. I am Jo. Have you ever been to India?”

“No Miss, I have not. I would like to go one day.”

“Come with me then.” I replied to my new travel companion.

This is King's first ride on the Go Train.

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