I’ve survived solo travel, can you?

Recently I received an email (I love emails, Please send me more) from a reader who was preparing to volunteer in Africa this summer. In her email she said “…My friends tell me it’s not safe for a solo woman traveler, but i feel different (of course it i take the necessary safe precautions)….”

This got me thinking, is traveling as a solo women really safe? Is traveling solo period safe? Is it dependant on your destination? The fact of the matter is any place has the potential to be unsafe; whether you are traveling solo or not. I’ve said before that I can be raped, killed, mugged, kidnapped, be a victim of terrorism and harassed for what I am wearing and my gender walking down the streets of Toronto. However, if I live my life in fear of what may come I’d never leave my house again.

The world can be a dangerous place, but it can also be a wonderful, magical insert various positive adjectivehere. You just need to keep your wits about you. Do you research, ask locals for advice, take care of yourself, know how to defend yourself, don’t go out at dark alone etc. In short protect yourself but don’t live in fear of what ifs.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve survived solo travel, can you?

  1. Sandra

    What a motivating article!! I always wanted to travel but was too afraid of it and always wanted somebody else to go with me. Then i just told me “why not?” and overcame my fears and go. Last year i’ve been in Mexico for my first RTW trip. It was a unique experience!! I got some offers and just took the flight. The country is beautiful and the rumors about security and safety are totally unfounded. I’ve got a time of a lifetime and spent a relaxing massage session. Don’t be afraid of this rewarding experience!!

  2. JoC

    Thanks Sandra, I am glad you made the jump and started to travel alone! You are right it is a very rewarding experience!

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