Wal-Mart Travel Haul

I must be hard to shop for, because for every holiday that gifts are required I receive gift cards. For Christmas I received a few gift cards for Wal-Mart. I normally don’t shop there, preferring Giant Tiger. However with no work till the New Year, no school until the middle of January and no plans I went shopping for supplies for my upcoming trip.

I manage to come away with a bit of a haul. My new Indiana Jones inspired duffle purse will help me along the road instead of carrying around a backpack all the time. I also picked up some travel sized toiletries. This is the first time seeing this at Wal-Mart. But, I liked it so much I bought two. These travel packs came in a clear bag slightly smaller than the airline maximum and came with a toothbrush, razor, shampoo and other toiletries for under 5$. Most people agree that travel size is a rip off, however I like them as it allows you bring along exactly what you need for your trip and split it between your bags in case one gets lost. Most travel size items are between 1.25$ and 2$. This travel set had I purchased everything on its own would have cost me over $12CAN.

While the travel pack is great it was missing a few things and had some that you really didn’t need. It had a bottle of shaving cream – I am a dry shaver and it serves me well while traveling that it’s not really a necessity on the road. It could have been easily replaced with deodorant. I also bought a big bottle of sunscreen SPF 45. Skin cancer isn’t sexy and since I am going to Egypt in August, the amount of sunscreen I’ll use just doesn’t warrant a bunch of travel size bottles kicking around my bag.

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