Disney World Packing List for Adults.

Mine and C’s trip to Disney world is roughly 4 months away and being the a boy scout traveller I am the first thing I do before even putting the deposit down is think about what to pack.  Why do I do this? In all honestly, I hate packing and when I hate doing something I procrastinate. So if I start now my bag should be packed and ready to go just as airport pick up arrives at my door.

The packing list to date:

In my 19inch roller duffle bag (may switch to a smaller suitcase):

ü      7 Pairs of each underwear and bra.

ü      1 pair of shorts,

ü      2 pair of Capri,

ü      2 tank top,

ü      1 t-shirt,

ü      1 light weight long sleeve shirt

ü      1 zip up hoodie (While going in August it still can get cold at night)

ü      1 pair of jeans

ü      4 pair of socks

ü      Pyjamas

ü      Sandals or flip-flops

ü      Razor

ü      Non-perishable snacks

ü      Collapsible suitcase (It’s Disney world after all I am bound to shop)

Day bag/carryon:

ü      Shampoo, Conditioner, toothpaste, hair spray, sunscreen, soap. Tylenol and Pepto-Bismol (1X -100ml of each).

ü      lip balm

ü      Purell (Kids put their hands in numerous places I don’t want to think about and then put them where my hands are going…. Enough said)

ü      Toothbrush, hair brush with elastics.

ü      Hat (Should I buy or take one with me?)

ü      Digital camera, memory cards (2x- 1 GB and 1 x- 8 GB), charger. 1 disposable water proof camera.

ü      Cell phone w/ charger.

ü      Reusable water bottle.

ü      1 pair of shorts.

ü      1 T-shirt

ü      Ear plugs (To avoid offing young rambunctious children running and screaming up and down the halls at unholy hours. In the carryon because if my suitcase goes missing I still have some peace and quite)

ü      Passport, Driver ID,  Bank card, Cash, Credit card

ü      Plane tickets and Disney tickets and vouchers and conformation numbers.

ü      Journal and pen. (Addresses for postcards written in journal)

Tips or suggestions? Let’s here it.

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