How fat is too fat?

Too fat to fly? @thatkevinsmith

Apparently Kevin Smith is…

Recently director (an awesome one might I add) Kevin Smith was  taken off a South West flight deemed as a safety risk because of his size. He was not just required to buy another seat to accommodate his size and comfort  of his fellow passenger (he had already boughten an extra seat anyway). But removed from the flight after he was already checked in and buckled in. I’ve seen their reality

Kevin between the pipes © Travel Along the Way 2009

show “Airline” and I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Smith play hockey at the Walter Gretzky Ball Hockey tournament this past summer.

Believe me when I say Kevin is not THAT fat, and on Airline while C.O.S (customers of size) were given some hassle, many customers larger then Kevin were seated with and with out seat belt extenders and extra seats and not deemed a “safety risk by the Captian”.

Perhaps the Captian wasn’t a fan. Jersey Girl did suck.

At what point is fat too fat?

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