Travel Tip: Please Don’t….

It’s been a while since I posted. All travel has been put on hold for a while until things get settle with school. I finally got my learner permit, which will open up a whole new travel option – road trips.

Since I can’t afford to travel for a while I have been spending all my extra time at work. I’ve been working in a restaurant in the ‘tourist’ section of town for the last two years. The majority of the tourist we receive are Americans or British. For the the most part the tourist are fine. They order their food, occasionally ask for direction nothing major.

However what I notice, and not to pick on Americans but they can be quite ignorant and rude when it comes to the greenback. I want to offer some word of wisdom to Americans traveling to Canada and especially those who wish to use USD instead of our currency.

* You are in Canada, expect to use the Canadian dollar and not the US dollar.

* If the place you are at does accept US, it is a courtesy to you  and no you won’t receive US change back but Canadian money.  Don’t ask for it, and if you do ask don’t give me a sneer because we use Canadian money and the only US $ I have in the store is the bills you just gave me.

* Speaking of change. The gold coin is a loonie, it’s worth $1. The Silver and Gold coin is a twoonie, it’s worth $2. Not complicated.

* No I will not take a USD bill over 20$ and no I don’t care if they’ll take it Caribbean.  Most places aside from banks do not have a way to check for  US$ counterfeits.

* Just because the fast food joint back home sells it doesn’t mean we will.  If we do sell it will probably not be at the same price.  There are many reason for it, neither of them are the servers fault. So get over it.

*If you were expecting things to be the way they were back home then you should have stayed home.

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