Milking the Cash Cow Dry: 2010 Olympics

Photo (c) tintinetmilou

Photo (c) tintinetmilou

A part of my planning to attend the Olympics, I’ve been searching for reasonably priced accommodations during my visit to Vancouver, with couch surfing as my last option. Not that there is anything wrong with couch surfing, just my plans I want to be able to come and go without feeling like I am intruding into someone ‘ busy life.

However finding reasonable price accommodation ($100/night or less) hasn’t been easy – actually proving to be almost impossible. I found that most places are already booked from February12-28 2010, or are currently not accepting reservations for that period yet. The ones that are accepting reservations are $300 a night and up. One place was even $1100 a night. A NIGHT! The hotel and hostels and B&B that I have found that were reasonable wanted a 50% non refundable deposit due upon reservation, with the remainder by October 1st and non cancellation without 100% penalty after December 31st.

I get supply and demand, I honestly get that. It’s the Olympics and there is money to be made, but give a girl a break. Most of those places with outrageous prices would have been $150 a night or less any other time. Paying full price upfront wouldn’t be so bad if I knew for sure if I was able to attend. With plans up in the air because of school ~$250 is a lot of money to risk losing.
Honorable mention does go to Chocolate Lily ( who no available rentals for me had passed my reservation on to their associates. The kind people at Kitsilano Suites ( were the first to email me with an offer of a room, how ever when I emailed them back stating their price was too much, they promptly emailed me back with a suggestion of another hotel that might offer me a better rate or discount. This was nice of them.

So have I found a place to stay for the Olympics yet? Nope. I am still looking. Thus dear readers if you know of any hotels or hostel offering private room with or without a private bathroom, that doesn’t require a deposit in the Vancouver area who accepting reservation for the 2010 Olympics please email me at joc.travelalongtheway [at]

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2 thoughts on “Milking the Cash Cow Dry: 2010 Olympics

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  2. You might consider leaving a rental request on our web-site and if something comes up that meets your requirements we’ll contact you right away.


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