A Visit to Papa’s.

Havana, Cuba – January 27 2009


A bit of a slow and boring day. Nothing really went on. I paid my long distant bill and was shocked to find out that I owed 61.35CUC for the three phone calls I made home that were under  ten minutes each. I proceeded to buy a 6CUC internet card and emailed my family to let them know I would no longer be calling them for the rest of the trip and to not worry. Its official Cuba is the most expensive country to call home from to date.


There was only one major thing I had left to see while here in Havana and that was a visit to Hemingway’s museum. His home here in Cuba. I couldn’t find it on the map I bough on Friday so I was only haft surprise when the taxi driver protested making the drive because he would have to wait to drive me back.


“It’s far.” He tells me. “Really far.”

“Um, Okay.” He looked down at his watch and back at me.

“At least 25km there and back.”

“Okay great.” I replied. He drives up to a dispatcher mumbles something in Spanish changing the CD in the stereo and then drives off.


We drove through a forest area called The Rocas. It had the most beautiful dream like trees and streams. As we continued to drive we drove into ‘Real Cuba’. The streets and houses are very poor and decaying. Bustling with people. Along the way I saw the first and only ATM I’ve seen since being here. Complete with a long line of people waiting to use it.


Past almost slum like conditions we drive through these gates and up a narrow winding driveway to a beautiful house. It is a shame you cannot go into the house itself but you can look in through the bottom floor windows. On one hand you feel a bit like a peeping tom, yet on the other hand you get an idea of what his life was like here in Havana. That man had a book collection I only dreamt of. A walk down a path takes me to Pilar, Hemingway’s 7 person boat. Very beautiful. Its places like this that I really hate that my camera was broken.


The taxi ride round trip plus tip cost me 45CUC.


I spent the rest of the day hanging out in my room with nothing to do. I’ve done just about everything I wanted to do while here. Now I have no idea what to do for the next two days. Perhaps shopping.



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