Mr. Cuban Nose picker.

havanacubajanuary2009-0111Havana Cuba – Day 1 January 22, 2009


Hotel Kohly Rm. 308


Christopher Columbus said that Cuba was the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. And I agree…. Next to Venice that is.


I arrived here a few hours ago after spending almost four hours on the transfer bus by Sunwing. They dropped passengers off at just about every hotel along the way. I was the last person to be dropped off.


The view from my room is amazing. From the balcony facing north I can see the water and from the door of my room in this open concept hotel is a view of the pool and palm trees. While a nice hotel, it is in need of renovations. havanacubajanuary2009-025


The flight to Cuba was okay. My hand luggage was searched because I forgot to remove the liquids from my bag. The check in line for Sunwing was long and snaked and stretch down the hall.


After landing in Cuba I made my way to customs, where I noticed the agent was very handsome. I waited for my turn. It was long before it was. I bent down to get my luggage and then looked up to see the agent picking his nose. So much, I thought that he might give himself a nose bleed. I reluctantly handed him my passport, and was quickly on my way.


Anyways I am very tired. It’s only 4pm, but I am poop! I am going to try to sleep even though the music at the pool is blasting.

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