Karma will break your camera.

Havana, Cuba – January 26 2009

Now this is a day! So, so, so much better. I got up for breakfast feeling a lot better. My feet still battled wound from the fight with El Malecón and my flip flops but no where near as a bad as on Friday or even Saturday.

I took a cubataxi to Museo de la Revolution. It was 8CUC fix price. Although it only cost me 6CUC coming home. It was an interesting museum housed in the old presidential palace. However it was a very bias museum and to sum up the message of the museum. First it was the Spanish Colonizers’ fault then the American’s, and then Batista’s then once again the American’s. The Russians played a tiny part in it. This kind of bias is expected out of a Communist country, that historical fact wasn’t havanacubajanuary2009-064 havanacubajanuary2009-069present from both sides to avoid bias.

After the museum I walked down to the El Capitolio. The outside was great. Walking up those steps left me huffing and puffing a bit. Inside was bland except for the statue when you first walk in. Mostly an art gallery gift shop then anything else.


Latter I back track the way I came to walk up the pedestrian street Calle Obispo. I was hit up by three beggars along the way.

“Please, Please, modena, modena.”

Before reaching Plaza de Armas, there was troupe of colorful street performers on slits performing for the crowd. I took a few pictures outside of El Templete. Watching a little boy squeeze his body through the gate to retrieve his ball. I had wanted to take a look in Museo de la Ciudad. However it was close. I wasn’t ready to go but was running out of things to do aside from wandering the streets I went into the National museum of Nature.

It wasn’t worth my time. Mostly poorly taxidermy animals. I walked back down Obispo pass Hemingway’s favorite bar and home of the daiquiri; The Floridita and back up to the area around Museo de la Revolution where I was taken in by the prettiest brown eyes in the world. They happen to belong to a white mare attach to a carriage with her driver lazing away in the back.
The driver didn’t speak English and my poor attempt at Spanish got us no where. So he called over another man to help with the translation. Once the details of what I wanted – an hour drive around Old Havana I climb in. The man (forgot his name, sorry) hopped on to be my guide. For 20CUC I got a private hour long horse drawn carriage ride tour of Old Havana with a guide. The guide took two pictures of me in front of San Francisco Church and Square. Going along he pointed out the sights to me in broken English. I struggle my best to understand him when he spoke Spanish.

When the tour was over I came back to the hotel and got pizza again.

Downside of the day was somewhere between the end of the carriage ride when I put my camera away in my day pack and when I got back to the hotel and try to look at the pictures from the day my camera broke and I am pissed. It’s not even two years old. However I have been looking for a reason to upgrade from a digital point and shoot to DSLR. [Again with Synchronized Swimmers!] I guess this was it. I just wish it lasted until the end of my trip.

It was nice to call my parents and not ball my eyes out this time.

I came into my room to find a towel swan and a hand written note welcoming me to the hotel from my maid. Great personalized touch.

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