“Please, five minutes, one mojito.”

Havana, Cuba Day 2 – January 23 2009


I’ve been back in my ro

om since 2pm. It’s now 8:31pm. It has been a bit of a rough day. From the get go I didn’t want to get up and do anything today. I finally got up at 9 even though I set my alarm clock for 7am. Once I finally got ready I walked from my hotel in the Playa district of Havana to Cementerio de Colón. I had heard nothing but good things about this place. However I was left with something to be desire.


It was also the start of the looks, stairs and hissing from men that seemed to follow me through out the day. It wasn’t really expected as I wore a t-shirt and jeans and no make up my hair tied in a pony tail.


Afterwards I walked up to ave. 12 and made my way to El Malecón. The sea side walks way. I underestimated how long and grueling the walk is. Being klutz that I am I had tripped over some ripped up side walk causing my thong flip flops to cut me deeply in between the toes and along the side of my feet.


I was determine to keep up with the itinerary I had predetermined and keep walking. It seemed that every man that I walked by hissed and yelled cat calls at me. Along the way I stopped to look at my map when I was approached by a man and asked me to take a picture of him for him. We began talking a little. His name was Michael who said he was dance teacher who also study in Canada. He tried convincing me to get a mojito with him. At this point I wasn’t going any where but back to my room. My feet, my hips everything hurt. I turned him down for the mojito and even turned him down to walk together. He whipped out his tourist visa, trying to convince me to go. Finally gave up after a few minutes and I kept walking down the street waving a taxi down to go back to Kohly.


I got Pizza again at the pizzeria attached to the hotel.


Tomorrow I plan on going to Acuario Nacional.

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