New Years Travel Resolutions

So the new years is coming up and I am sure some people out there are already thinking of their new year resolution already. I am no different expect I wont be resolving to quiting smoking, dieting, or any of the other typical resolution. My New Year Resolution always involves places to see or travel related things. Last year I posted my travel resolution.  Out of the 11 resolution I made I only completed # 1, 3, 6, 7, 8.

For my New York trip I travelled with only my carryon bag and day pack. I did not over pack for any of the trips I took during 2008. In fact I involuntary only had 2 outfits and nothing else for the first 5 days of my trip to Italy.  I saw alot of the off the beaten path as well as the tourist photo stops.  I self taugh myself Italian and then traveled around Italy. I remember none of the Italian! Documenting my travels and enjoying them was the biggest resolution I achieved this year. I made sure to keep a journal, both major trips resulted in over 1000 pictures together. The best part is I really enjoyed the little things and moments and I remember it all.

And for this years resolutions:

  1. I will travel to Africa.
  2. I will do more backpacking style travel.
  3. I will keep a bag pack for last minute travel.
  4. I will contuine to travel to places who exchange rates benefit me.
  5. I will find new and creative long lasting ways to document my travels.
  6. Carryon or bust!
  7. I will not travel if I cannot pay for it in cash. No credit cards. All in one lump sum or in payments.
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One thought on “New Years Travel Resolutions

  1. good resolutions.

    Backpack are great .. free hands and keeps all in one spot… you will love africa

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