The Cuban Itinerary and Packing List.

Once again I am staring at my pretty baby blue and white hibiscus flower lynx bag and I plan out my packing list and itinerary for my trip to Havana, Cuba. The days have been speeding by quickly coming up to this trip and I am loving it.  It is much needed and I am extreamly greatful that an oportunity to go had arose. I can only imagin how bitchy I would have been come summer time had I not done any traveling since last summer.

The Packing List:

Packing for this trip was a little dificult. I had to take in account that I’ll be leaving Canada in the dead of winter and arriving into a beautiful tropical Caribean island. I don’t own too many summer clothes as it rarely gets hot enough to wear them. At least I think so. I’m always cold even in the like a heat wave in the middle of August. I’m the one person who saying “Can we turn the heat on please!”

I spent last weekend searching the malls for sunscreen, shorts, and bathing suits. I only had a small success in my search. I only found suncreen. However the only bottle I found that was small enough to be in my carryon  was the Life Brand SPF 35. I am so going to get burned! lol

So the list so far…

My bag consist of:

1 pair of shorts

1 pair of capris

1 pair of jeans
1 t-shirts,
2 tank tops,

1 light weight long sleve top.

1 nice top

1 summer dress
a belt,
a crop short sleve jacket and a light weight and thing sweater

toiletries kit (travel size shampoo and conditioner, soap, tooth brush, hair brush, minimal make up, sunscreen)
a night gown
Collapsible bag.
7 pairs of underwear,
2 pairs of socks (plan on wearing flip flops/sandals 90% of the time).
3 bras
extra set of Litlium AA batteries by Energiezer (best disposable batteries I’ve used for Digital cameras)
Spare 256 gb and 1 gb memory card

In my day pack.

1 Guide Books – Frommer’s Cuba

Some snacks and drinks for the plane ride.
My camera: Photosmart M437 5.0 Megapixel. and 1 gb and 8 gb memory card

Wearing down:
Jeans, T-shirt, a hoodie.

The Itinerary:

When planning trips I like to have a general idea of what I am doing so I don’t miss anything that I wanted to see or try. When I plan my itinerary I rarely stick to them 100% .


Day 1

Flight to Havana  6:20am

Arrive in Havana  9:55am

Transfer Varadero to Havana


Day 2

Walk Length of El Malecón towards to Old Havana. Tour old Havana and area. Visit Museo de Ron. Tour Castillo de los tres Reyes del Morro. Take a horse drawn carriage or Coco taxi back down El Malecón.


Day 3

Free day to try activities offered by Sun wing.

Day 4

Spend day at Acuario Nacional. Visit area around Acuario Nacional. Have dinner and a show at Tropicana.



Day 5

Tour El Template, Museo del Revolution, La Casa de Africa, and Museo de la Ciudad. Shopping.



Day 6

Tour Necropolis Cristobal Colon, El Capitolio, Parque Central



Day 7

Museo Hemingway, Parque Lenin.

Day 8

Depart Havana for airport in Varadero

Depart Varadero at 10:25pm

Arrive in Toronto at 2:00am
















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