Should you recline your seat on a airplane?

I am what one would call fun size.  How ever I do sympathize with those who are on the larger end of the scale as I have a rather fat bottom. So when I read MSN Travel Article on whether or not one should recline their seat on a plane as apart of their series on airline etiquette’s it got me thinking: to recline or not to recline that is the question.

Yes I recline. No my feet do not touch the ground (unless I slouch forward or sit on the very end of the on the sea). Do I recline all the way? No. Do I recline during meal times? No. Do  I check behind me for an unsuspecting person bent forward before I recline?  Of course.

Hear is my take on the whole situation. A little common courtesy goes a long way. You have every right to be comfortable but not at the sake of someone Else’s.  Reclining a little is okay, but when you recline so far back the person behind you can see your dental work as your snore loudly. That is not cool. Even if you’re not eating the least you can do is pull your seat up so the person behind you can eat without their tray being thrust into their gut.  If you do decide to recline look behind you to make sure you will not clobber someone the head with the back of your seat.

Are you a recliner? What do you think of recliners?

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