Top 10 Travel Tips of the Week: Cuba Feature

Hi Everyone.

So I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted a top 10 travel tip blog. It been quite hectic around here these days. My friend Connie had recently return from Havana and Veradaro Cuba. She is one of my few close friends that has travel as much as I have.  The first time I left for Europe she was just coming home from living in Thailand for three months (did I say yet how jealous I am?).  I emailed her the other day and asked her for some suggestions on what to see while in Havana, thinking I would get a few tourist attraction recommendations. But! Connie one up me and provided me with a list of travel tips that was so good I had to pass it along. Thanks Connie.

  1. Check out Old Havana. Touristy but beautiful.
  2. Exchange only enough money for the day.  Not really for security but you don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of unusable CUC as they cannot be exchange outside of Cuba.
  3. One CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) is an acceptable tip for pretty much everything.
  4. Don’t pay full price for anything in the markets. Haggle!
  5. Don’t by cigars from anywhere but the government shops or they could be counterfeits.
  6. Drink bottled water. The tap water is safe but has a lot of chlorine in it and could upset your stomach.
  7. Some museums require a small fee if you want to take pictures (usually 1-2 CUC)
  8. Use cash or debit. Anything purchased with credit card will have an 11% surcharge added to the cost. ( make sure that your bank card or credit card doesn’t have any kind of American logo on it because they wont accept it.) She used her TD Canada Trust cards and had no problems.
  9. Bring your own bathroom stuff as they are hard to find or expensive especially tampons.
  10. Only take certified cabs. Not really for your safety, but because it’s illegal for Cubans to have non-Cubans in their cars unless it’s a certified cab.

Thanks a lot Connie for your tips. Check out her blog her at

Stay tune for some awesome additions to Travel Along the Way.

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