Travel Tips of the Week: Week 5

Hi Everyone! Travel tips are a little early this week as tomorrow is the Canadian Thanksgiving.  This year will be a quite dinner with the immediate family. Normally Thanksgiving dinner involves at least my parents, my brother, and two of my aunt and uncle and two of my 20 cousins. Last years thanksgiving there was twelve people for dinner. I often joke my family is like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, but just Irish, bigger and louder. However this year they’re all going home to Montreal and no one is coming up from Montreal. It will be interesting to see what a small family dinner will be like.


  1. When doing a multi country/culture tour start off in the country closest to your own the move through them so you end in the country or culture most different from your own. This lessens culture shock as you slowly adjust to different countries and cultures.
  2. Download/Photocopy/cutout only the important useful part of the guide book instead dragging the entire book with you.
  3. Outside of Amsterdam, travel and drugs don’t mix. In some countries it can lead to death.
  4. Search the internet everyday for bargain airfare. Be prepared to book on the stop (after reading the fine print first, and if the price is still good after you factor taxes and other fees) as the fare much not be available tomorrow or even two hours from now.
  5. Avoid traveling on major travel days i.e. the day before and after any major holiday
  6. I don’t often travel with someone as I like to go where ever the wind takes me when ever it takes me which is difficult when you have someone tagging along with you. However just because you are traveling with someone doesn’t mean you have to spent 24/7 with them. Go off on your own for a bit, go see the things you want to see the meet up later for joint-sightseeing or dinner.
  7. If you want things to be like it is at home then stay home.
  8. When looking for deals on airfare looks at alternative airports near your destinations and departure area.
  9. Pack your bags before the last minute panics set in so you are not to forget. Double check before you leave you have everything especially the important things – passport, tickets, money etc.
  10. Get your passport even if you’re not planning to take a trip anytime soon. You never know when a great opportunity pops up or you have to travel.

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