What to do with extra vacation time

I have been extremely fortunate that I work for a company who is extremely supportive of my wanderlust and has granted me what ever time off I need when ever I want it. This company, a restaurant, is very old and need of major repair. Practically falling apart at the seams basically. Because of this, we’ll be closing sometime in January for about a month to complete our renovations. I wish I had known this sooner; I would have started saving earlier, but C’est La Vive.

Obviously I cannot save enough to go away for the whole month, besides they are hopping that I would work at least some of the time at our sister restaurant(s). So I figured it out, I can save a maximum of $2400 between now and then at 300$ every pay.  One of my coworkers is interested in traveling with me, however due to personal issue going on in her life she may not be able to come with me.

Currently the destinations I have been mauling over are:

Margarita Island, Venezuela. Leaving January 16th, 2009 all inclusive including airfare 7 nights for $940. Offered by http://www.tripcentral.ca.  

The Pros of the location:

·        Great Price for all inclusive including airfare

·        Will be able to tick South America off the list.

·        Good exchange rate.

The Cons of the location:

·        Have relatives who have visited the island before who are adamant that the Margarita Island is no safe. Bad experience with bug infestations of the room, armed guards at the resort who were intimidating and always trying to bum cigarettes of them. A Canadian couple was apparently mugged and injured to the point they needed to be airlifted to a hospital.


Vadereo, Cuba.  Leaving January 16th, 2009, all inclusive including airfare for 7 nights for > $700. Offered again by http://www.tripcentral.ca .


The pros of this location:

·        Fantastic price

·        Will be my default destination if I am unable to afford and save up for a different trip.

·        Decent exchange rate


The Cons of the location:

·        Will not be able to tick a new continent of the list.

·        Located east of Havana. On the beach but not much else to do if I have to travel alone.

·        Public transportation maybe hard to use if I want to explore the rest of the country by myself.


Venice, Italy. Leaving end of January airfare and hotel only from $1400. Offered by http://www.expedia.ca using make your own vacation package feature.

When I decided to use some of the time off work due to the renovations as travel time, I had originally planned that I would head south to somewhere warm. However I am in need of some mammoth cheering up after hearing my ex-love of my life has had a child and is getting married, thus Venice, as my “happy place” became an option.

The Pros of this location:

·        Okay price for airfare and hotel that is located in Venice near the train station.

·        Is my “happy place”, I am guarantee to enjoy my trip whether I am alone or traveling with someone.

·        Great photo opportunities.


The Cons of the location:

·        Poor CAN/EUR conversion. 1$ = 1.50€

·        Costs more then the other trips and do not even include food.

·        Long travel time.

·        Will not be able to tick off a new continent.



Now the down side to all of the trips. If I take a trip in January I will not be able to do Uganda for sure. I will still be able to go to Africa, just not as long.  

I still have time to decide… Any suggestions?

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