Travel tips of the week: Week 4

Here we are back to what hopefully will be my regular weekly travel tips. I am always looking forward to suggestions, so feel free to fire off an email (please no spam) to me at joc.travelalongtheway @


  1. Iron your clothes when you pack them. Not only will they be wrinkle free when you get to your destination they’ll also pack smaller.
  2. Use the “cookie pocket” of your bra to store cash. Access it while in the bathroom or another discreet place.
  3. When traveling to foreign country learn: Yes, No, Hello, Goodbye, thank you, right, left, straight. Who, what, where, when, how, a numbers 1-10 in the native language. A little bit goes along way.
  4. Bring a disposable water proof camera. Perfect for when you don’t want to risk ruining your good camera or when you want a stranger to take a picture for you. Disposable cost next to nothing if is damage or lost.
  5. Walking on cobble stone in stiletto heels is a skill we should be able to put on our resume/CV. It’s not for the faint hearted or those without medical insurance.
  6. Take the train or the bus and don’t travel in the tourist car in order to get more authentic experiences.
  7. Aside from Bhutan most places can be done cheaper and more effectively on your own. Stray away from the group tours.
  8. Pack a memory card reader, download your pictures and send them home/burn a CD instead of bring your laptop.
  9. On second thought memory cards are relatively cheap brings lots and worry about it when you get home.
  10. Something or someone can only ruin your vacation if you let them. Laugh it off and go back to enjoying your trip.
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