Top 10 travel tips of the week. Week 3

Well this week travel tips are going to be a little different. To make up for last week, there will be 16 tips instead of the then normal 10. Enjoy, and again feel free to leave a comment or email me at


  1. Heard to local clothing customs. Not only will you fit in better and be lesser pray for tourist related crime, but usually local customs are better suited for that area climate.
  2. When bring home fragile souvenir items use the socks you packed to wrap around and stuffed inside so they’ll be less likely to break and you will take up less space in your bags.
  3. Use sites like with care and take the advice and reviews with a grain of salt.  Reviews can be left from rueful first time travelers who don’t know better, people happy with their stay, competitors trying to curve things in their favor etc.
  4. On long or short trips pack some fabric softeners in your bag. They’ll keep it smelling good.
  5. Not even criminals are desperate enough to go rooting through your pads and tampons. Hide your money in one of the wrappers or in between them. Also a great way to sneak your camera into concerts.
  6. Be careful about what you say to people when your traveling. It’s great to chat with and make new friends, but some things need to be private. Details of your itinerary, budget, room number. If it may put you at risk if your new friend is not so friendly, don’t tell them.
  7. Relax not everyone your meet while traveling is out to rob your blind or ruin your vacations.
  8. Indigenous products makes great souvenirs.
  9. Have a small suitcase packed and ready to go for those spur of the moment trips.
  10. Pack a small light weight candle and holder for those smelly hostel rooms or when you need some help relaxing.
  11. Fanny packs scream tourist and please rob me!
  12. Use your credit cards to book your airfare,hotel, rental and buy major purchases. If something goes wrong it’ll be easier to recover your money and fix a problem if you paid with cash or debit.
  13. Brings lots of batteries (even better rechargeable batteries) and memory cards. They can be extreamly expensive on the road especially if you have to buy them by a tourist site.
  14. Keep pictures of your friends and family back home. They’ll be great reminders when you are home sick. And great ice breakers with people you meet during your travel.
  15. Some times it just pays to throw an atlas at the wall and what ever country is mapped out the page.
  16. Purell hand sanitiser. There are some very gross subway stations out there.
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