Top 10 Travel Tips of the Week. Week 2

According to last weeks stats my first weekly top 10 travel tips was rather popular. I am glad to see it. Feel free to pass the URL for this blog along and leave a comment. What do you think should be a top 10 travel tip, do you agree or disagree with my list? Let me know.


  1. Always pack a few days worth of clothes and necessities in your carry on in case your luggage goes missing. Even better  go carry on only.
  2. Roller luggage is only good at the airport. Cobble stone, dirty roads or uneven roads plus tiny plast wheels equals one big pain in the butt! Learn this one the hard way.
  3. When researching your destination search with blog at the end i.e. Uganda blog. It’ll bring up some rather interesting personal accounts of the destinations.
  4. On bus tours arm yourself with hand sanitizers and a good guide book. Don’t feel like you have to stay with the sheep heard when you’re on a tour.
  5. If you have a sensitive stomach but want to drink local water while you are there. Consider taking a bottle of water you’re use to drink and mix the two, slowly adding more local water and less water from home. This will help get your stomach use to the water and keeping upsetting it to a minamale.
  6. Make sure the water is safe to drink first!
  7. When packing only bring things you don’t mind throwing away if it came down to that or another souvenir, or even if your bag becomes too heavy and you want to lighten it up along the way.
  8. I always pack one roll of toilet paper no matter where I am going. I could be staying at the Ritz and there will still be a roll of toilet paper in my bag. Beyond the obvious, like duct tape there are several other uses for it. For example packing fragile items.
  9. Pack a small disposable camera to use when you want strangers to take a picture for you.
  10. Forget trying to not look like a tourist. People will know you’re a tourist the moment you open your mouth. However try not to look like a dumb tourist. Money belts worn as a money belt. Purse straps around your body. Dont flash large amount of money in public and so forth.
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