Uganda Resource Links

Just a quick post with some links of sites I will be referring too while planning my trip. – Wow this is a gold mine! While a lot of sites about Uganda seem to focus on either tourism or past political history. This site designed for people in the Peace Corps but in a wikipedia format has plenty of information that is useful as a volunteer. – Now I am not going to Africa with Mcgill University, however their site for their students has allot of relevant information that will be useful for me. – A site gear towards tourist who are planning a safari type trip but still has some useful basic info on Uganda. – Normally when I use a guide book I perter to use Frommer’s. Just because I use their style. However since Frommer’s doesn’t have a book on Uganda or really any books on African countries a side from Egypt, South Africa and as a of this year (or early next) Kenya, I am using Lonely Planet guide book. Instead of buying the whole book I used there mix and match chapter service and bought only the relevant chapters. – Essential Information for Canadian aboard. Country information, resources for Canadian overseas, link to registered with Canadian Embassies and other useful information. – Tourism site for Uganda. I do not think it’s the official site, not 100% sure. Seems to be geared towards upper class tourist. – US government site on countries. This is the site I use to use in school when doing research.

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