Top 10 Travel Tips of the Week.

I like top 10 list and I like to travel so it only makes sense to start a weekly top 10 travel tips blog.

  1. Take pictures at the Pyramid entrance at the Louver but enter through the back entrance to avoid long lines.
  2. Exchange only enough money to get you to your hotel from the airport and your first meal. ATMS at your destination offer better exchange rates. Beware of your bank’s fees for international withdrawls.
  3. Exit Seats and bulkhead rows have the most leg room. All so towards the back of the plane where the rows start to have less seats in them. Use sites like to see where the best seats are on your flight. It’s well worth paying extra to pick your seat on long flights – even short flights.
  4. Using your cell phone over sea is expensive. You are charged Airtime roaming PLUS long distance if not calling a number in the city that you are currently in PLUS you use your regular minutes. Buy calling cards for better long distance rate while avoiding the extra fees and keep your cell phone for emergency only.
  5. For long stays in one place consider mailing your luggage there to avoid hassle of checking it in and dragging your luggage around the airport.
  6. Ipods/ Media players and PDA’s are life savers for light packing. Not only do they store all your music, but they can store your pictures, address and travel information all in one device.
  7. Travel in the off season for the best deals, travel at the end of busy season to get the pros of both seasons.
  8. Don’t fall for beggars throwing a baby at you. Chances are it is just a doll. Beware of group of children and your things.
  9. When traveling especially popular tourist destinations, place wallet in your front pockets. Your purse strap across your chest and underneath your jacket or hoodie. If you are using a backpack or something similar wear it on your chest or use a luggage lock to prevent pick pocketing. Always keep an eye on your things while sitting at restaurants, parks, and public washrooms.
  10. Pay with cash or credit card, as debit purchases rarely work.

    Do you agree or disagree? What are your top 10 travel tips?



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