Homesick for Venice? I’m not even from Venice!

While avoiding the many task of my day, I go to my usual place for procrastination and wasting time – facebook. I got to a page dedicated to Venice.  I click through the hundreds of fan submitted pictures and I am transformed to this place that stole my heart.

I don’t think I could ever fully describe Venice. From it’s smell, it’s sights and sound it’s atmosphere it’s… it’s… it’s enchanting, wonderful, amazing. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with fairy tales, princesses, unicorns, magical lands. Arriving on the boat to the Venetian Islands for the first time at 22, Venice was exactly how I pictured my fantasy kingdom. All Venice was missing was me as their princess and a handsome Prince Charming for me.

I’ve said a thousand times before, if I could get a job there I would have moved there yesterday. Which brings me to how I have been feeling lately. It’s been a rough last month. When rough times happen on the road I miss home. But now that I am home I find myself missing, longing to be back in Venice. With my trip to Uganda next year, I found myself crunching numbers to see if I can afford a stop off in Venice before or after Uganda. Is it really possible to be so homesick for a place you don’t really call home?

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