May 24th 2008 2nd full day NYC

May 24th, 2008

It’s my second full day in NYC. I spent most of it lost. Understand at this time most of the subway system or at least any route I had wanted to take was underconstruction and had to deal with re routing on top of holiday schedules.

Friday I went to ground Zero, Trinity Church, Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry, Time Square. Ground Zero is currently being rebuilt into the freedom towers. It didn’t hit home as much as it would have a few years ago when it was just a gaping hole. Now it more like a contruction zone for a regular new skyscrapper. I must admit I stood there mad knowing what once was there and the lives that were lost, and how all that way taken away from me, and the people who were involve.

Today I went to the empire state building. Amazing view! For a line that long I was incredibly impressed how organized and fast moving it was. The Vatican Musume can learn a thing or two from them.

After the Empire State building I walked up Fifth Ave to Central Park. I had attempted to call my parents while walking. With all the street noise the call didn’t go well, and I spent .99/minute plus long distants to repeatly say “What did you say?” On the way I stoped by Rockerfeller Center. After spending hours in central park (I could have easily spent the entire day there) I made my way down Fifth Ave again to Central Park.

Later I went to ‘Top of the Rock’ for a better view of the City and the Empire State building.

(Skipped for privacy)

I am currently laying in bed of my spartan hostle room. In the center of a lumpy double bed, a window to the right and a single sink of the left. Not exactly sound proof either. I can hear t he guy in the next room laughing as he watches some spanish television show. I’ve thrown some things at the wall and he doesn’t even stop for a second.

New York City has been on my list of things and places to do before I die list. It’s great, dont get my wrong. But not nearly as great as I had once dreamt it to be.

Before leaving I was jokingly told not to get shot. So far I’ve never felt at risk of that happening. It like Toronto just a little faster pase.

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