4 Days before I leave for New York City

Time Square Can’t Shine as bright as you…. Plain White T’s ~ Hey There Delilah.

I am currently staring at my baby blue carry on suitcase with white hibiscus flowers that is almost finished being packed. I am excited to go to New York City. It is defiantly been on my list of places to see for as long as I remembered. I am sure it’ll be similar to Venice. Where sure it looks amazing in pictures and movies, but to do it real justices you have to see it in person.

My luggage I am sure it probably going to be over packed for a short 5 day trip across the boarder by train.

My bag consist of:

3 pairs of jeans (light, dark and black)
1 t-shirts,
2 tank tops,
a belt,
a zipped up hoodie
toiletries kit (travel size shampoo and conditioner, soap, tooth brush, hair brush, minimal make up)
a night gown
Collapsible bag.
5 pairs of underwear,
2 pairs of socks (plan on wearing flip flops/sandals 90% of the time).
3 bras
extra set of Litlium AA batteries by Energiezer (best disposable batteries I’ve used for Digital cameras)
Spare 256 gb memory card

In my day pack slash oversize purse aka messenger bag.

Portable DVD player and accessories for extremely long train ride.
A few DVDs to be decided on at the last minute. Maybe the recent purchases copy of all 3 Indiana Jones movies.
Book – Princess Sultana’s Circle by Jean P. Sasson
2 Guide Books – New York City for Dummies, and Frommer’s New York City Day by Day.
Some snacks and drinks for the train ride.
My camera: Photosmart M437 5.0 Megapixel. and 1 gb memory card

Wearing down:
Capris, a T-shirt and another hoodie.

I have a general idea for what I am doing while there. I have some major things that I wanted to see while in NYC and I figured it out day by day.

Day 1
Ground Zero, Wall street and Raging bull statue.
Staten Island Ferry/Battery Park (may eliminate to allow more time for SOL and E.land)
Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island.
Brooklyn Bridge
China Town/ Little Italy
Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany’s (may eliminate due to time constraints)
Dinner at Tom’s Restaurant. I am huge Seinfeld fan.

Day 2:
Empire State building (at opening)
Central Park – Lunch/picnic in the park. Must sees include Alice in Wonderland Statue and Strawberry Field.
Grand Central Terminal
Chrysler Building
Time Square,
Madison Square Gardens (may eliminate as will see when arrive in New York City from Penn Station)
Top of the Rock/ Rockefeller’s Center (haft hour before sun set staying until dark to see best view of Empire state building lit up)
Dinner at Serendipity 3 (official site)

Day 3

Conney Island in the morning maybe.
Really nothing planed. Perhaps see some of the Fleet Week 2008 festivities. Go back and revisit sights I want to see more of or missed.

The 22nd and the 26th I am unable to really do any sightseeing as the train ride from Aldershot is about 10 hours each way. I arrive in NYC after 9pm and then leave NYC at 7 am.

It was an extremely last minute idea to go and probably not very well thought out. I had originally planed on going to NYC to see NKOTB first concert in almost 20 years. However when trying to put my hotel money on my prepaid travel credit card by Master Card I accidentally put it on my cell account which has the same initials as my my card. I did not notice until about 3 days later when I couldn’t figure out why in hell had the money not shown up on my card. I went into my account online and low and behold 300$ made to my cell account. I rush to the bank and explain my circumstance to the women.

The lady explains to me since it been a few days and I did confirm the payment that I would have to wait for my cell company to return my money. However they could not guarantee that I would have back in time. I did not want to risk being short my hotel money at the last minute I change my travel plans to the following week when I get paid again in case I did not get my money back.

Changing my dates proved hard to find a decent, and okay price hotel or even hostels in NYC. Without really researching before I made my decision, I found out that weekend is holiday in the states. Which means the already pricey NYC got even more pricey- and that if you can find a room.

I finally found a hostel in the upper west side off Broadway that charge 85 USD$ a night for a private room, shared bath. At this point at an already last minute trip, beggars can’t be choosers.

I have 3 more shifts at work to get through. If it wasn’t for a boss who lives vicarsly through my travels I probably never got the time off to go.

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