Venice Day 2 030508

March 5th 2008 11:51

I have been back from Venice for a little while now. Even when it’s pouring rain, windy, cold, with no sight of my luggage, Venice still manages to capture my heart. I am ready to pack up and spend the rest of my life here. I once said that Venice is my heart and my happy place is Venice. This is still very much true.

I spent the day sightseeing with Robyn. Taking pictures and shopping to replace at least of some of my clothes. Sure I had a change of clothes in my carry on. But at some point on what is suppose to be a leisure holiday, I wasn’t exactly in the mind set of washing my undies with a bar of soap. My poor roommate, thank goodness she was understanding about my undies hanging on the towel racks.

I am really happy with what I bought. Even though trying to buy clothes that after the trip was over with and still buy it on a budget while in Venice is no easy task. For a single pair of regular ol’ cotton binki brief panties I spent 8.50 Euros EACH! In a sense not to bad until you do the currency conversion into Canadian dollars. I did the majority of my souvenir shopping in Venice as well. I bought a book on Venice, 2 miniature Carnival Masks, post cards, a rosary, and a tote bag with image of a gondolier and the Rialto Bridge.

Robyn and I ate lunch in the cafeteria in the Dodges Palace. Amazing and beautiful even if it was under construction. One thing I notice, since traveling in the “off season” a lot of things with under restoration construction. We later toured San Marco’s before it closed. We were suppose to do a gondola ride, but was canceled due to the weather. At the time it was canceled it was lightening.

We ate dinner at this tiny family own restaurant that offer home cooked meals called Trattoria Anima Bella (S. Marco, Venezia: Centro Storico calle dei Armeni No. 956 ). I had convince Robyn to come with me to the train station so I could buy the hoodie I had seen the night before. I’ll admit it, I had no idea how to get there. I knew how to ask directions in Italian. Only problem I had no idea what they were saying when they gave them to me. We wandered the streets that were now pitch black. To me it was amazing, this little adventure. Not knowing where we were going was thrilling. However Robyn saw it a different way and after agreeing that we were probably no where near the station, we traced our footsteps back to the Vapperato station that took us back to the train station. Which evidently I still got my hoodie.

It seemed that everyone had gone to bed right afterwards. After all we do have ab 6:15 wake up call and leave quite early to be in Florence by noon.

Dinner is the optional Tuscan Dinner. A little expensive at 31 euros, but should be worth it.

I should have around 105 euros to spend tomorrow. I had spent more then a days worth. But seeing how the gondola ride was cancelled we should get our money back on the coach by tomorrow.

All and all I had a great day!

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