Florence 03/05/08

March 6 th 2008

Awesome day! We left Venice bright and early and arrived in Florence at 11:45 am. Tammy and I checked into our room at Hotel Firenze on Della Corso in the city center. We did some massive shopping. Mostly souvenirs, post cards, two small prints, a large painting that I probably over paid for at 10 euros even if the guy originally quoted me at 56 euros. I also bough a knock off purse.

We went on a walking tour of Florence. The tour would have been better if we were able to hear the guide. I had found out later during the tour that the other people who had lost their luggage had received it. I on the other hand have not. At the end of the tour I walked back to the hotel (not with out getting lost first) to call the airline.

I finally got a hold of British Airways. I was told that my luggage was at the airport waiting to be delivered to me when I arrived in Rome at the apparent request of my travel agent who I had sent a email to on the first night in Venice. Good news they agree to compensate me for the toiletries and clothes I had to buy. But I would have to wait until I return to Canada to receive my reimbursement.

I hung around the hotel till it was time to go for the Tuscan Dinner. The dinner was great. OK food, fantastic wine. The dinner allowed for great photo taking options. Our table got so rowdy and drunk on wine it lead to us stealing wine from other tables.

Back on the bus we sung at the top of our lungs to American music on the ride to Space electronic a club in town. I had originally not planned on going to the club as I read reviews that it was not that great. What I heard was right. The club was mediocre at best. Italian Karaoke on the main floor, American music dance club on the second floor filled with mostly tourist and teenage locals. I was wearing a hoodie and jeans and got quite hot and had to leave by 11pm. For 12 euros which included a drink and entry it was not that bad.

I manage to walk back to the hotel without getting lost. Which is a feat that I should celebrated, seeing how I can get lost crossing the street I live on. The location of our hotel was great. The room not so much. It smelt like sewage. A problem we solved by keeping the bathroom door shut.

Tomorrow we have a free morning in Florence till 11:45 which we have to be back at the hotel to leave for Rome. At which time we’ll have sightseeing tour — probably by bus.

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