First night in Venice 03/04/08

March 4th 2008 1:10 am

My luggage has not arrived yet. I have not bother to call them yet. It is my logic that I gave them all my information, ever hotel address that I was staying at complete with dates, they promiss me I would have my bags soon. Why waste pressious vacation time playing phone tag with British Airways customers service.

Last night Tammy and I spent some time wandering around the area around Roma Park Hotel. It was a quite area that we felt perfectly safe in.

This morning we drove from Rome to Venice. I slept most of the way. I was able to purchases basic toilletries – shampoo, soap and a pack of razors. It cost me 15.50 Euros.

We arrived at the Hoilday Inn Venice East which was being converted into a Crown plaza. It was such a recent transition that they were chaning the sign as we were pulling in. This was the perfect hotel to stay in while staying in Venice. It was a wonderful kept hotel, with a dinning room and a resturant, and across the street from the train station. The hotel is not on the Venician Islands but about a 20 minute train ride. Tickets costing only 4.50 euros rount trip.

The orginal plan was to take the train into Venice and do some sightseeing and eat dinner. However the group decided we would eat dinner then take the train into Venice. Supper was horrible. The same type of salad from our dinner in Rome was served, with a small piece of lassana then a bowl of unpelled fruit was placed in the center of the table leaving everyone quite disappointed and hungry.

After finally russleing up the group and some much debate of whether or not to go into Venice that night after missing the 8 o’clock train we caught the 9:10 train. I used the justificantion that I spent all this money to see Venice and not sit in my hotel room. In end they saw it my way.

Frankie, Jeremy, Cal, Nicole, her aunt and I walked through the streets of Venice. The last time I went I did not really get to see Venice at night aside from San Marco Square. I’ve been in love with Venice from the moment  it came into sight as our private boat pulled closer the first time I went. My feelings haven’t change. It was like seeing a long lost love again and wondering why you ever broke up in the first place and realising you love them as much now as you did back then.

We walked through the streets and made out way to the Rialto Canal. One word for it AMAZING! We ate a meal at a restruant on the opposite side of the canal. We sat at these tiny cafe seats at the edge of the canal with the bridge behind us. After eating we walked back and had dessert at a tiny ristorante next to the  train station.

I plan on buying a University of Venezia hoodie from the train station gift shop tomorrow when we head back in to Venice.

Although very nice people, the people I went to Venice with dont take I dont take as the party type.

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