25.5 hours to go

Okay, So I have been home for 2 months now and I am just getting to blogging my journal entries. I know! I know! Funny enough I am writing this less then a week away from an unplan trip to New York City. But that is another post in itself.

Febuary 29th/08 7:30PM.

It is exactly 25.5 hours before I leave for Italy. I am far more nervous this time around then I was last time. Even though I have more money to spend daily – about 108$ euros a day. I am also better prepared for solo travel seeing how I’ve done this before in mid 2006. The last few days I have the horrible feeling I am forgetting something. I have repacked my bags 3 times. Checked all my list, went as far as sending my taxes in. I still can’t shake the feeling.

Shorey was suppose to meet me at the airport tomorrow to finally meet after knowing each other since we were 16 and 14 and listening to Serial Joe. She had unfortunately have been having money trouble and was desperately needed a new job. She had an interview at 3 and doubts she make it to the airport on time.

To be honest this is better as I leave Brantford at 5 pm and my flight leaves at 9pm. It would have been a short meeting and would have not been worth the effort.

I’d confirm my Airlink pick up. Paid for it but to my surpize it costed $164 @ $82 each wat instead of the 77$ I thought it was quoted when I booked my ride in January.

Tommorrow I am picking up (hopefully) some euros so I’ll have some money the moment I land. I needed to go to the TD bank in the West Brant as they are the only TD branch in town that has euros in stock. Afterwards dad and I will stop by Wendy’s to get lunch.

Airlink is due to arrive at 5pm and I should get to Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport by 6:15.

I have briefly talked with two of my tourmates online. Amy from LA who is currently Belgium. She use to work for Universal as develpoment excuitive and Brad from Detorit. He’s 27. They both get into Rome before I do.

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