Italian Espresso Packing list.

Packing List.

So what if my trip is 2 months away. It’s never too early to start thinking about what to pack. When I first started to pack my own suitcase in the 8th grade on my very first ‘no parents, no friend parents’ trip to Ottawa for a school field trip, I manage to forget a lot of thing. A lot of important things — like a tooth brush, like shampoo, like more then one bra. I also forgot to shave my legs and bring a razor when I planed on wearing a knee length dress to Parliament. Yet my bag weighed more then I did. From then on I’ve learned to refine my packing skills.

Last year when I went to Europe I used a basic packing list – one that reminded me to bring 11 pairs of undies and bras as well as a tooth brush and other hygiene stuff. However still manage to take too many thing I didn’t need and not enough things I did. While traveling from country to country, hotel to hotel I manage to forget things in my room that I’ll never see again.

This time I am making a detail packing list and bring a copy with me in my journal.

So far it’s….

The basics

Credit and telephone cards*

Shoulder bag/day pack
Health insurance card*
Luggage ID tags
Emergency contact information*
student ID and driver’s license*
Address book/pre-printed labels*
Wallet and cash*
Phrase books and guide books*
Prepaid Mosaic Credit Card*
Luggage lock (suitcase and day bag)
Plane Tickets*
Contiki Voucher*


Soap and container
Hair spray/gel
Toilet paper (1 roll)
Medicines and prescriptions (Tylenol and anti-diarrhoea meds)*
Feminine hygiene products
Purell hand sanitizer
Make up
Comb and brush
body spray/perfume
Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss*
hair elastics/head bands
Lip balm and sun screen*
Small towel and washcloth (for hostel stay afterwards)
Pre-moistened towel
Hair appliances

Clothing (2 days worth of clothes in carry on in case bag gets lost)*

Casual Jacket
Bras (6 pairs)
Comfortable walking shoes
Pajamas or nightgown
Dress shoes
flip-flop or slippers
Sweater/Hoodies (2)
Long sleeve shirts (3)
Dressy outfit (2 outfits)
T-shirts (2)
Jeans (5 pairs max)

Slacks (1 pair)
Underwear (11 Pairs)
Socks (11 Pairs)
Gloves/mittens (1 pair)

Additional Travel Gear

Travel Journal*
MP3 player*
Digital Camera*
Memory cards (2X 1GB + 1X 512 MB)*
Cell phone/ Charger*

Other Useful items

Non-perishable snacks*
Sheet bag for hostels
Books and magazines (Disposable if needed)*
Small flashlight
Notebook and Pen
Watch and alarm clock*
Stationery, envelopes, and stamps
Safety pins
Business cards
Sewing kit with safety pins
Inflatable pillow*
Umbrella (travel size)
Nylon Duffel (folded)
Ziploc bags (2 large size, 1 small size)
Laundry soap
Combination lock (for hostel stay after tour)
Voltage adapter and plug adapters
Small First aid Kit (band aids, antibacterial ointment)
Batteries (Lithium AA for Digital camera and AAA for MP3 player*
Small thing of duck tape

* Items to be pack in carry on bag.

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