To Paris

European Magic: Contiki: October 7th and 8th 2006 Switzerland to Paris.

We left for Paris at 7am the next morning. It was our longest drive of the tour. Far longer then out drive from Munich to Venice. I needlessly to say slept most of the way from Lucerne to Paris.
When we got to Paris we had a few hours to ourselves to relax. We ate dinner at the hotel then went on an Illumination tour of Paris. We went up the Eiffel tower. Heartbreaking my batteries died just as we got there. The Eiffel tower is amazing, grand and beautiful during the day, but it leaves you speechless at night. Standing underneath the Eiffel tower all lit up. It was an early night for me, I was still sick from the day before.
The next morning we had a group photo taken in front of the Eiffel tower, and then we had a free day to explore the town. We went the Louver and saw the Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo among other art work. We made sure to go in the back entrance to save time waiting in the massive line at the Pyramid line. We spent some time visiting Norte Damn. The group I was with spent some time shopping for a few hours before we had to head back to the hotel to get ready for the Moulin Rouge. This has nothing to do with the movie. Krista, Kyle and I decided to take the metro and see Baslilque du Sacre-Coeur instead. Which is this amazing church on top of a huge steep hill. We had two choices, take the cable car up the hill for 5 euros, or walk up the very, very steep over 100 stairs. Since neither one of us could be bothered to pay 5 euros or wait in line we decided to walk up to the second highest point in Paris next to the Eiffel tower. By the time we got up there we were wheezing. I do it all over again. The church was worth it though. If I ever decided to get married and marry out side of Canada; I’m getting married there.
Since it was Thanksgiving for me and the few Canadians on tour, Krista and Kyle decided to help me find a turkey dinner. We found this little quaint restaurant. That had these soft fabric walls. We sat down and we all decided that we were going to try frog legs. Um yeah. They tasted more like turkey then my turkey dinner did. I was turned off when Kyle started to make the frog legs dance. Do you remember the Warner Brother cartoon with the dancing frog that sung “Hello my baby, hello my darling”. That was crossing my mind when he did that.
Afterwards we met the rest of the tour group at Shanagans, a bar next door to the Moulin Rouge for our last night party with the whole group. We didn’t stumbled back into our hotel until about 5am.
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