European Magic: Contiki: October 6 th 2006 Venice to Lucerne Switzerland

We left for Switzerland then next morning on time. It was my least favourite place to visit. Nothing could really come close to Venice. I had also woke up that morning very sick and seem to get sicker as the day went on. We visit a few Swiss Army stores, the chapel bridge, and then we walked across town to visit The Swiss Guards Lion Monument.

We had some trouble finding the Lion monument. We had turned down a residential street where a few young boys maybe 8 or so were playing soccer. We must have looked lost when one of the boys called off the game and walked up to us;

“Lion?” He asked. We shook our heads yes. He gave us directions using his hands accompanied by “Zoom, Zoom” every time were were suppose to turn. Once we had followed the boy directions the best we could we stopped and asked for some more directions and was told were were across the street from it. The monument is huge, and had a facinating story about it’s carving. The outline around the lion is in a shape of pig. The Swiss way of calling the French, who the the Swiss guards were guarding when they were slaughtered, pigs.
There was really the only thing I’d like about Lucerne aside from the Lion Monuments and pretty scenery. Our hotel use to be a women correctional facility until 1998. Nothing much has change about the jail since then other then people actually pay to sleep there. The included dinner was a salad that was only lettus and chicken in some type of sauce. We stayed out dancing at several clubs till 3 in the morning before heading to bed to be up by 6am for 6:30 breakfast and to be on the best by 7am.
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