on the way home

European Magic: Contiki:October 9th and 10th 2006 Paris to London then home.

The next morning we left for London. 90% of our group flew home from Paris. The rest of us drove back to London.
We stopped and visited Vimy ridge. It was so quite and surrean that it is hard to believe that a horrible war was fought there.
My flight back to Toronto wasn’t until the next afternoon so I stayed over night at a hotel. Instead of staying at one of Contiki London based hotels I booked one myself. Big mistake! The hotel was the dirtiest I’ve seen with horrible staff.
After saying goodbye to everyone I went to check into my hotel. While I was going to my hotel I saw Buckingham palace. After cleaning up I made my way back to Russell Square to see my group one last time at the London Pub by the Royal National Hotel. After 10 days of very long nights I could barely keep my eyes open and decided to make it an early night. I arrived back at the hotel to find the receptionist no older then 18 curled up in a ball in the chair asleep. I woke him and ask for my key. Reminding him that I needed a wake up call at 7 am for I had a early afternoon flight. He shook his head yes, and told me he would wake me up. I went into my room that was connected to the reception. I had set my cell alarm, praying that the batteries lasted the night in case he did not wake me up.
The next morning I awoke to my alarm ringing. I took a shower, got dressed finish packing my bag when I heard banging and yelling outside my door. I open my door to see a man very upset yelling at the receptionist. When I turned to the receptionist he was a sleep on the floor on a make shift bed. He had a pillow, sheets and comforter all spread out on the ground.
I took a cab back to Victoria Station and caught the Gatwick Express back to the airport. Departures is far better organized then arrivals. I surprised Leslie standing in line at McDonald’s and spoke with her before her flight back to the USA. I made use of duty free shopping before my flight home.
The flight home was much more enjoyable then the flight there.
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