Munich Germany to Venice, Italy Via Innsbruck, Austria

European Magic: Contiki: October 4th 2006Munich, Innsbruck Austria, and Venice, Italy

The next morning. Our bus broke down, before we left the hotel. We were suppose to leave at 7:30am but didn’t end up leaving until 9am.

On our way to Venice we stopped in Innsbruck, Austria. We had an hour and a haft to explore the town and eat. We went to the Sworskis (sp) crystal show room. I manage to resist the urge to buy something there. Only because the Sworski reindeer that was apart of the winter wonder land display wasn’t for sell, and I wasn’t in any finical situation where I could have convinced them that it was for sell. Ha, ha.

We had gotten to Venice around 6pm. We ate dinner. Which wasn’t haft bad. We got our first chance to do laundry at the the laundry mat across the street but choose to do it in our rooms after seeing the near by laundry mat full with locals and the other contiki tour group that has been on tour for 3 weeks without doing any washing. That night we went to a Jazz bar around the corner from our hotel to celebrate our driver’s birthday. Tiff had gotten drunk and had some fun with an Italian cop. At first she thought she was in trouble when he came over and handed her his badge; later showing her his gun. She relied on the Aussie boy, the only person on tour who spoke Italian, to translated for them. All while coning the poor cop to buy 6 bottles of expensive red wine.

The next day we went to the Venetian Islands. We took in a lace making demonstration which was exactly like the Diamond thing in Amsterdam. Only the products cost more in Venice. Because of the flood our Murano glass blowing demonstration was held off until later in the day. It was worth it though. A few of us spent some time exploring San Marco’s. It was well worth the cost to climb to the top. We ate lunch outside on the shore of the Grand Canal by the Rialto Bridge at Al Busco. I highly reccomend this place. It is expensive, however it’s worth paying the sitting charge of 4.50 euro per person, service charge (10% ish) on top of the menu price. The food was delicous, large portions, and the locations — well they were undercharging for the location they had. Then we went shopping across the bridge where I bought a lovely Carnival Mask. Later we went and toured Dodges Palace and bridge of sights. Oddly enough some of the prison cells were bigger then my hotel room in Venice After that around 6pm we went on a gondola ride. Our gondolier told us he did not sing because he did not like his job. He also had a since of humour. He tried to tips us in the canal! The group was to meet Rene back at the port by 9pm. We got back to our hotel and got into some mischief around there. Not to incriminate ourselves. But it involves absinthe, a couch we found and playing Nicky, Nicky 9 doors.

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