Day 5

European Magic: Contiki: October 3rd 2006. St. Gora to Munich Oktoberfest

The next morning after a bit of a delay so someone could pay for the damages to their room from the night before. We were off to Munich, Germany for the last day of Oktoberfest. The biggest beer festivals in the entire world.

The hotel (Holiday In Munich Sud) in Munich was the nicest we had the whole tour. My room was so big, clean, and with a real double bed. The rest of the hotels the bed were twin beds that were short in length that my feet hung off the edge a bit. I am barely over 5 feet tall, so the beds were short. We had checked into our hotels then met in the lobby to take the U-bahl (subway) to central Munich for sightseeing or right to Oktoberfest. The U-bahl is utterly evil. You have 10 seconds (literally) to get on or the doors will slam shut on you. Which I had learn very quickly when the doors almost slammed my nose in the door trying to get on. A group of 11 of us went touring around the Glockenspiel. Which is this huge clock that tells a story. It like the one in Shriek when they get to the castle. Some say it’s biggest waist of time only for tourist. However I liked it.
We went to lunch, at this amazing German restaurant to the left of the Glockenspiel. I felt so sorry for the waiter, spoke very little English and 11 of us who spoke no German at all. He did give us English menus. Afterwards we visited some churches. One church even had the devil foot print in it. Once we were done sight seeing we took the U-bahl and headed to Oktoberfest. Because of a hoilday that fell during Oktoberfest that year, it was exetended a a day or two. It was a pleasant surpise to get on tour to be told we would be in Munich for the last day of Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest was overwhelming. It had rides, games, and amazing foods along with 10 different and HUGE beer halls. We met our entire tour group at the largest one. Sheri and I decided to head off for more sightseeing as neither one of us were into drinking our weight in beer. We went and saw another church.

It had started to pour rain, monsoon style. We quickly ran to the nearest U-bahl station and realize we were in the wrong station (Thersienwiese) to get home after spending 2.20Euros on a ticket. We decided instead of playing “guess what train”, we were going to take a taxi back to the hotel. 45 minutes later after standing in the rain trying to hail a cab, one finally pulled over to pick us up. While the man and women who were in the cab before us was paying the driver, Sheri and I were getting in the back seat. I had just closed my umbrella and turned around to to say something to Sheri only to see a very drunk German man get into the cab with us. We exchanged looks; the drunk spews something in German that neither of us understood. The cab driver does not say anything, so we assumed maybe this is a common thing in Munich that complete strangers share a cab and dont say anthing either.

The whole time we are trying to sit as far away from the man in our taxi. The only time I’ve ever ridden in a BMW, and it was cab. The whole time the drunk is yelling god knows what in German. For the most part his words were slurred too much for either of us to even attempt to understand what he was saying. We were haft way back to our hotel, when I started picking up what to the drunk speaking to the driver in German.

Nien Holiday Inn Sud. Nien. Marienplatz.”
After a few second I caught on that he was telling the driver that he was going the wrong way that he was not going to the Holiday Inn Sud (our hotel). The driver does a U-turn and slams on the break.

“He got in the wrong cab. We don’t know him.” I tell the driver. The driver repeats what we had told him. He shakes his head hard.

Sie wissen nicht, über was sie sprechen. Sie kennen mich. Wir gehen zu Marienplatz.” They don’t know what they are talking about. They know me. We’re going to Marienplatz. The driver throws him out of the cab and we head start to drive back to the hotel.

“Why didn’t you say anything? Much better now with no smelly man in the car.” The driver laughs.

Once back at the hotel we got change and dressed up a bit and ate at the hotel restaurant and the hung out in Sheri room watching The Dave Chappel show in German. Later meeting up with some of the other people from the tour in the hotel bar.

Shortly pass midnight when the last group of people arrived back from Oktoberfest. They arrived back worried that they couldn’t find the Aussie gentleman that they were with. Before long the Aussie boy hand crawled through the revolving door drunk and very gleeful that he had found his way back to the hotel screaming at the top of his lungs that “German girls rock!”.

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