Day 3 London to Amsterdam via France and Belgium

European Magic: Contiki: Oct 1st 2006 England -> France -> Belgium -> Netherlands.

The next morning at 5:45am we meet our tour bus out front of our hotel and was transfer to the Royal National down the street to pick up the rest of the group and do some last minute administration things.We left for Dover and the ferry that we were taking to get to France by 6:30am. It was our earliest morning of the tour.

The white cliffs of Dover are amazing! The ferry across the Canal took about an hour and haft to get to France. Every new country we went to our tour guide Rene had a little flag ceremony. She put up the countries’ flag, play some theme music for the country and gave us a brief history. Our first pit stop was at some service station in Belgium. Nothing to write home about Belgium. Saw a lot of cows though. We got to Amsterdam a few hours after our stop in Belgium. During this time we all went up to the front of the bus and introduced ourselves. I found out because there were not a lot of solo girls who chose to partner up in a double room, I was getting my own room for the whole tour. At first I wasn’t crazy about that. I wanted to experience the friendship bonding that contiki was famous for. I was also nervous about travelling solo and wanted the company. However by the time I got to Paris I was glad I had my own room. We stayed at Hotel Lake Land. The hotel was cute; it was right on the lake, about 25 mins out side of town. My room there was so tiny. My bathroom I was able to shower, use the toilet and brush my teeth at the same time. That night we went on a canal cruise of Amsterdam. Which took us pass Anne Frank’s house (which was close for a Jewish hoilday), and a lot of house boats. Afterwards, we took a walk to the red-light district. I had no idea where too look. Was not a place I wanted to get loss in. There were so many people that filled the streets. Once in the district, who’s entrance are marked by these cement barriers with red lights in them, we dropped most of the group off at the “cultural experience” aka the sex show, and the rest of us about 5 out of 50 people went back to the hotel. Jess and Michael and I decide we were not ready for bed, and since the other contiki group that was staying at our hotel were having a last night blast in the hotel bar we decided to join them. We closed down the bar and headed to bed around 2 am and got ready for the early morning the next day.

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